Venice has kind of always been on my bucket list, even though I don’t actually have one. It’s one of those cities I’ve always wanted to visit because it seems so otherworldly. No cars, no bikes, no trams and trains, none of these vehicles that dominate every other city with their fumes, sirens, honks and beeps. So when the time came and we started our road trip I just knew I had to visit. And it was well worth it! It felt like diving into history. (The selfie sticks sold on every square brought me right back, but oh well. I put together an ultimate bucket list if you’re on your way to visit Venice or just need a good daydream – dive in!

Flirt with your cute waiter

It’s astounding how charismatic these Italians are – and I fall for it every time.

Eat a whole pizza by the canal

Forget everything you know about serving sizes and just eat that pizza! (For the vegans: I kind of expected to be lynched for asking to leave the cheese off a pizza, but everyone was super accommodating!)

Take a map, but only use it when you need to get back

Venice has so much beauty hidden in the streets that you’ll miss half of it if you only go to the places marked on your map.


Drink coffee on a small plaza and watch the Italians

One thing I learned in Southern Europe is that if you order a coffee, you’ll get an espresso every time. Same for Italy, France, Spain and Portugal. However, order (nearly) everyone’s favorite hot beverage, sit still, smoke a cigarette and just watch the Italians go about their day. They are extremely stylish, vivacious, and speak very fast. Try to catch a few expressions in Italian or ask your waiter to help you out with the language.


Get lost in the small alleys of the city

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: get lost. Turn into the small alleys and see where they lead. You’ll be surprised by gardens, sudden dead ends and impressive houses and balconies.


Have a little Eat Pray Love moment and realize how lucky you are to be there

Take a moment of stillness and realize how you got there, all the planning, excitement and stress you went through. You’re in a foreign city in a foreign country and it’s even more beautiful than all the pictures you’ve seen

Take a canal tour

To be fair, the canal tours are pretty expensive, but they show you the city from a completely different angle. You’ll go to places that are not accessible by foot.

Prices are usually 80 euros (day) or 100 euros (at night) for 35 minutes. There can be up to 6 people on a boat – maybe you’ll find some other people to split the bill with?

Help a tourist take a picture

You’ll walk by hundreds of people trying to take bad selfies trying to fit their faces, bodies and sights into a tiny phone frame. Offer to take their picture for them! Most are super grateful to be in a picture together that is not a selfie.

Get your picture taken by someone else

Tip if you actually want a good photo: watch people with a DSLR to see how they take pictures, then ask someone who changes the settings and perspective.

Otherwise, same as above, just the other way around!

And most of all: do what you feel like, even if that’s nothing for a whole day. It’s your trip, enjoy it!

All other photographs (except pin source: unsplash) (c) Constanze Neubert