I’m a HUGE Sex in the City fan; I own the box set, have seen every episode countless times and guiltily went to see both films numerous times at the cinema. So when I was in New York back in January, on top of my ‘must do list’ (after buying a long coveted I “heart” NY t-shirt), was tracking down Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment and other iconic places featured on the show.

There are a few organised Sex and the City tours that operate in New York (check them out here and here) but on our restricted student budget my girlfriends and I decided to go solo and try and do it on our own. So we arrived on Perry Street in the West Village, and I suddenly realised that I hadn’t written down the exact flat number, I’d only noted the street name! Humm … how hard was this going to be? I’ve seen every episode at least a million times of course I’m going to recognise the steps where Carrie kissed dozens of frogs before she found her prince. How wrong I was!

“There it is!!!” I shrieked as we bounced towards THE steps. We settled down to take a few photos and walked off, feeling very contented with the fact we’d managed to find the correct address. Seconds after one of the organised Sex and the City tours passed us and walked straight past the steps where we had just been sitting for our photos. Perplexed we stood and watched as the tour leader took the group of ladies to an address two doors further down! We had just taken photos outside the wrong apartment!!! Slightly mortified by our mistake we scuttled off on a more successful mission to find the Magnolia Bakery to eat cupcakes.

So remember ladies, Carrie’s apartment is at 64 Perry Street! Don’t make the same mistake I did because a photo on the steps of Carrie Bradshaw’s next-door-but-one neighbour isn’t really the same thing is it?! Here is a great link to an interactive map so you can plan your own SATC tour when in the Big Apple and avoid my silly mistake. Enjoy!