Yoga is an interesting sport. Ever since I became a faithful fan of Sex and the City some many years ago, I’ve been convinced that there is something about yoga that is quite special, giving people – and especially women – who practise it, a certain power. Girls who’ve subscribed to it often talk about how it made them stronger, fitter and more relaxed to face their every day life.

I cannot say I do it 3 times a week, but I do enjoy the odd yoga class in my life, whenever I get around to it. I certainly always attend a few yoga classes whenever I visit India, Yoga’s birth country. What has started out to a sport for men, in the recent years has undergone a revolution where more females than ever are practising yoga, along with a growing number of female teachers.

Written and directed by Kate Clere Mcintyre, YOGAWOMAN – the movie follows some of the leading female yoga teachers around the world – from New York City over Italy all the way to Kenya, always looking to show how yoga effects the lives of women of all nationailities, ages and backgrounds. A lot of interesting subjects are being touched on such as body image, eating disorders or depression, all of which may be affected in a positive way through yoga.

The film is available on DVD and there are screening around the world. For information on a screening near you, keep checking in with the website’s calendar. If you live in Berlin, you can attend the screening at Kino Babylon tonight at 8pm. Babylon is located at Rosa Luxemburg-Straße 30.

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