Dear travelettes,

I was recently asked to contribute to a great new project called Looking Good No Matter What, a beauty blog sponsored by Hansaplast where 4 established beauty professionals blog about what they know. Or maybe I should say 3 beauty professionals and myself. The other editors are Lynne from Lynne.TV and, Chris from 30 ans en Beaute and Tank magazine beauty editor Jessica Teas who runs Beatuy Woo Me. All fabulous women I can say and I feel honored to be collaborating with them.

My personal field of expertise is beauty while traveling, a topic that has popped up here and there on as well but that will be prevalant on LGNMW. If you care to know all about staying beautiful while out on the road check out the Looking Good Blog. By clicking here you can see all the articles I have contributed so far.

Happy reading,

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