When in September 2005 I embarked on a trip around the world I left with great plans and ambitions. To let all my friends at home know how I was getting on and about all the stuff that happened to me along the way I would email them – first regularly, then more and more scarcely. I will publish those emails here for you guys to hear my story. Maybe it’ll inspire your own.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2005 2:59 AM

Subject: First days in Bangkok

This might not be the best moment to give you guys a first update on my trip since right now I feel like a blowfish from all that shrimp noodle soup, pad thai, pineapple and banana milkshakes I just had myself for lunch. But who cares: here’s the low-down on my first days at the other end of the world…
I arrived in Bangkok last sunday around noon when it was raining and so humid that anyone with a bag as heavy as mine (no really, I do need that laptop, those three cameras, two cell phones, two mp3 players and three 2-pound heavy lonely planets) would have been ready to settle foot in the first hotel offering a cheap spare bed (regardless of the implications). That’s pretty much what happened to me. I got off the bus at Khao San road, one of the saddest of places when it comes to examples of what tourism can do to a country, and I walked around trying to find a place that my guide book recommends. When my first choice had nothing available, I went to the one next door and they gave me a 4 sqm dump with only one (hospital?) bed and a fan. Not to mention the beautiful view on the opposite hallway. The bed sheet had cartoon caracters on it which made the whole scenario even more pathetic than it was to begin with. I tried hard to fight tears dwelling up over this shitty beginning of what was meant to be a journey of a lifetime. My bed was so hard I might as well have slept on the floor and the noise from the bar below was so loud it could have entertained a coma patient. Along with the fan that didn’t work I really had nothing left to but cry myself to sleep.

The following day I pulled it together, told myself to stop whining like a 4-year-old and take charge of my situation. I went around to look for a nicer hotel and I found one where I had my own bathroom and even a plug which, in this sea of budget hotels, is about as fancy as a whirl pool. The downstairs area is cool, they show illegal dvd rips of recent movies on a big screen tv and people are actual travellers and not just those who come to drink and get laid (as is the case in much of the Khao San neighborhood).
After last night’s movie I met this Dutch guy who’s traveling for a year and he showed me around. We ended up at a club with almost exclusively Thai kids and I was loving it. They went totally wild, enjoying themselves, dancing to Justin and Beyonce like everyone else in the world. Being the only white dudes in there we were everyone’s buddy and all the time people came to shake our hands or show us the thumbs up. It was a blast.
When we had heard enough of the punk band playing Thai cover songs we moved on to Khao San road where we went into a club stockfull of tourists. It’s mostly sad to see how the Thai girls are working it to impress the Western boys and how they just throw themselves at them like without much hint of self-respect. And even more sad to see the white guys going for it and treating these girls like their bitches toys. Buy drink, get girl.
Anyway, I wasn’t going to start a moral war so I decided that I should just shake it for a minute. Minutes later myself and hot Dutch boy swang what we had to swing. You know the end to that story.

Tomorrow I’m off to Ko Samet. Extreme-beaching and such. Tbc xxx

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