Dear travelettes,

If your only excuse for not travelling the world is money, forget it now and forever! For here are some great opportunities to travel and earn money on the way.

One way to work while travelling is a visa called “Working Holiday Visa”. This visa enables you to spend a year in countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada or the USA. This visa allows you to work up to three months in one job, usually for a total of one year. For further information visit or the websites of the related embassies.

If you don’t want to commit to long term travel or the country you wish to travel doesnt give out any then there are still plenty of other opportunities. We have assembled a few:

Working at a hostel

a number of the travelettes have used this option. many hostels will accomodate you for free if you commit to doing some work (usually cleaning, cooking or working at the bar). they might also pay you some money. check with hostels as you go, or have a look here, where you can find international hostl job listings.

Working on a farm

In various places in the world, you can work as volunteer on farms who joined an organisation called wwoof, meaning “Worlwide Opportunities On Organic Farms”. Now, “farm work” does not particularly mean “mucking out the barn & weeding”. There are great animal farms as well, especially those close at sea, where you get to work with dolphins, turtles or sharks! Worldwide there are several wwofing farms where you work a few hours a day for free accommodation and food. You won’t get paid, but this is a very gratifying way of traveling that you should certainly give a shot at one point.

Au Pair

Don’t want to get your hands dirty? How about a year as Au Pair or an internship or a study abroad? Get more information
here and from the travelettes, for many of us did / do / will do an internship or a study far away from home.

Camp Counselor

No money to travel but dying to go? If you like kids, becoming a camp counselor for one summer can be a very enriching and wonderful experience. If you are interested in this, there are tons of opportunities and it should be enough just to google youth travel, as most of those websites will offer an option on how to become a counsellor. If you live in Germany, you may try Ruf Reisen, international operators are CC USA or Camp America.

If you wish to look further into the subject of working abroad, we have heard rave reviews about a book called Work Abroad by Clayton A. Hubbs. It might also be worth reading this this exhaustive article on 101 ways of working while traveling. Finally you can ask more questions in our forum.


This opportunity is a very common way of going abroad and working while there. Teaching (usually a language) can be a very gratifying experience because you are sharing your knowledge with others, but it can also be relatively limiting. Be careful of organizations that ask you to commit to a whole year of teaching, which will tie you down to one place, when really you would like to go out and travel. For more info on this option have a look at teach abroad or tes. Beware of programs charging fees for you to teach. Obviously those are dubious and best avoided.

Now that you have options on how to tavel without spending big, all you other doubts will hopefully be removed by rereading over my article “I wish I traveled more“.

happy traveling


lori andrews
photo by Lori Andrews