And didn’t I know it – a UK study has found out, after asking 1000 women via an online poll, that about 85% of women spend more on the pre-departure shopping than they do on the actual holiday. This may not come as a huge eye-opener to most, but it’s still a pretty fun fact to be faced with.

UK women spend an average of $1000 on their trip, but a whopping $2000 gets dished out for clothes and accessories to make sure that beach look is right on trend.

I mean, if you’re female, you’ll know what it means to go out and find the new right bikini, heels, flip flops, beach dress, evening dress, comfortable skirt, low-cut t-shirt, white tank-top or beach towel. Not to mention the array of beauty products you’ll need to bring. God forbid, you spend only one minute looking less than perfect on your holiday.

The study also claims that 96% of women bring more than 5 pairs of shoes on their vacation while 91% bring at least 5 purses.

43% will take at least 3 days to pack all their stuff while about 65% will only wear half of what they brought.

Needless to say that we’re not the least bit surprised. After all, we love backpacking in heels.

via Jet Packer