It hasn’t even been a month since I got back from my 4-week trip around India and Thailand and already the travel bug is itching me again. Luckily winter times are kind when it comes to prices for flights so I went a little overboard and booked not one, not two, but THREE leisure trips over the next few months.

November 6-9 London (40 euros with ryanair) Love london. Have lived here for a year and a half until April this year and miss my friends there, the nightlife, the shopping. It’s time to catch up and get me my biannual dose of London town!
Expect: insider tips on the best parties, the best vintage shopping and the best hangouts.

December 4-7 Stockholm (10 euros with ryanair) It’s hard to believe that I have never been to stockholm before. Frankly I’m a bit scared of a culture where everyone is SO GORGEOUS. It’s not normal. However, good things are being said about Stockholm so I just have to go check it out.
Expect: excellent street fashion and the low-down on the best shopping spots.

January 15-18 Athens (75 euros with easyjet) I’ve never been to Greece which is appaling considering that I love greek stuff. U know, Greek wines, Greek restaurants, films about Greeks in America (“My big fat greek wedding” is among my favorite movies ever) and of course I’ve come across a number of mighty fine Greek boys as well, so sign me up!
Expect: to be surprised.

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