The first time I flew anywhere was 17 years ago. I was 10 and my classmates at the time told me my plane was likely to crash and i would land in the jungle with crocodiles eating me. I’ve since been a little scared of crocodiles.

Air-travel won me on the day that a gorgeous blonde flight attendant handed me a free packet of pencils and a drawing book. The guys over at Lufthansa sure know how to win over the clientele of the future. Since that day I love everything about flying. I’m talking about REAL flying, long distances with TVs in the front-seat and snickers bars for dessert, not the 45min of outstanding discomfort that some of the cheaper airlines provide.

In my 17 year-career of frequent flying, I’ve made up my mind about which airline i like and which i don’t. As a general rule, I’ve come to find most American airlines to be poor in service, friendliness and attractiveness of the on-board service team. If you care for some eye-rolling from over 50-year old, overweight flight attendants, fly with Delta, Northwest or Continental.
My favorite airlines are Lufthansa for their always smiley service with nice on-board meals and games for children, Qantas – flew around the world with them, great service, wonderful desserts and awesome movie-selection. Finally i loved Lan Chile. Wonderfully modern planes with a great free bar, great movies and comfy chairs.

This last month I was on 11 flights in total and I always requested the window seat as i usually do. I was lucky because i flew past some really stunning skies. i thought i’d go and share my best sky snaps. maybe we’ll soon do a sky-snap competition.

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Happy travels!