Are you usually last minute about Christmas gifts like I am? Do you also always make a new plan each year to be better about it in the future?

Good thing that this year was the grand exception as I was invited to test the Kodak photo book software (which you can freely download here) which allowed me to assemble some of my favorite travel photos of trips from the past couple of years into a lovely little book which is a great memory and inspiration for your loved ones. I decided to give mine a theme where I named it my “33 most memorable places” with 33 photos from different cities, countries and continents which I loved and would recommend anyone to visit. It makes a great gift for a person close to you who appreciates your way of viewing the world and to whom you can lend your eyes for the moments it lasts to flick through this book.

After assembling the shots I wanted to include, all I had to do was download the software, pick a format and a layout and then simply arrange all the shots in the desired order. To finish I added my title, burnt the file on a CD and brought it to a dm-market where my book was printed right away.

A Kodak photo book can have as little as 12 and as many as 40 pages. The colors are amazing, the quality of the paper is admirable and the book gets a stunning hardcover in the color of your choice. I opted for a cream tone which adds that classy touch.

Since it’s Christmas I am giving away 4 of my 33 favorite places photo books to you guys. To be among those 4 simply share in the comments which was the best OR worst Christmas gift you’ve ever received. The winners will be sent the book in the mail.



UPDATE: The winners are Jelena, Vivi, Ina and Careaux. Congratulations to you and thanks everyone else for taking part.