When it comes to history of superheroes, the pages of comic books haven’t been overly friendly to the thoughts of heroines with Krypton origins and Spider-Senses. However, the idea of a woman being idolized as a superhero has recently been introduced to the mass. Neverthless, there’s still a long way to go for the more curvier superheroes to enjoy the same kind of recognition than the famous males with capes do.

Who are our Superheroines?

The only real superheroine most can name is Wonder Woman. But how many can tell the story of her origin? How many know her secret identity name, Diana Prince?

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Even though Wonder Woman has been around for more than 70 years, it’s hard to state the obvious about her adventures. And while we are on that subject, how many of you has heard of Invisible Woman, Spider-Woman or Supergirl? Most of the female superheroes have been around for decades, but silently remained in the dusty corners of testosterone ruled comic book stores.

Finally in the late nineties, the entertainment industry started to be ready for more realistic type of female superheroes, without miniskirts. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Catwoman, Xena, Elektra and even Dark Angel made their ways to TV, movies and comic books.

They are Female Travelers

Despite all the previously stated, the real superheroines of today are female travelers. To me, they represent the 21st century’s realistic equivalent of Wonder Woman. With the super powers to pack all their possessions to 20 kg, survive months without a hair straightener, blender or knitting needles, they are breaking the outdated description of superheroines in multiple ways.

They Have a Secret Identity

The possibility to the dual identity is one of the main characteristics of superheroes. They can fight the crime at night, and work as journalists by day.

When it comes to travelers, they often have “secret identities” packed into their suitcases. On a holiday, people have a choice to either reveal those top-secret identities or enjoy from the cloak of mystery. In a totally new environment, Selina Kyle can become Catwoman, or vice versa. In a totally new environment, a traveler can make a transformation from shy to fly or from fly to dry.

They Have a Spider-Sense

Some women simply don’t travel because they have cold feet. To be honest, traveling can be frightening, but most of the time it’s pretty magnificent. When it comes to safety, the bulk of travelers develop a Spider-Sense, a manifesting danger alert. The more you travel, the stronger it gets. You kind of know which alley to explore and the right club to enter.

Comparatively, do you typically sense the hazardous situations at home? If you do, why would you not sense them abroad? Most people are more aware of their environment in some place unfamiliar, than they are in home surroundings. Therefore, have no fear. If something goes wrong, you can always return back home.

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They are Inspiring and Live Outside of Society’s Norms

The impact of shared travel stories can be assimilated with the inspiration superhero stories bring to our lives. Both of the narratives inspire us to be courageous and brave, when it comes to things we want to pursue and stand for in life. As a Superheroines of the 21st century, female travelers often write a blog or articles, and share details from their awesome adventures. By doing so, they inspire others to start doing the same. In addition, travelers can support their beliefs by working as a volunteer abroad in one of their favorite charity companies. Moreover, they fight fearlessly against society’s norms to work from 9-5. And no superhero works those hours.

They Fight Against Materialism (and Occasional Menstrual Attacks)

Anyone who manages to pack their ten very necessary pairs of heels into a single backpack, together with all the other essential belongings, must have the wit of Veronica Mars and the strength of She-Hulk. One of the most reigning human needs is the urge to own, have something of your own. While traveling, that’s just not possible. You’ve got the 20 kg heavy treasure chest, and most of the time that’s more than enough.  But on an ideological level, owning that little can feel quite ludicrous.

Furthermore, I must add one very important point here, from which Hulk and Iron Man know nothing about. Anyone who has survived the hormonal attacks of the menstrual cycle while backpacking in Asia, is more than a hero. Period.

They Make The Impossible Possible

Traveling is for everyone, regardless of gender, age, nationality or wealth. It’s a cock-and-bull story that you can’t travel without money. The one who seeks, will always find an answer. Those of you who are reading this probably have a good chance to explore the world for themselves.

When we look at Spider-Man who was adopted, or Batman whose parents were murdered, we see a quite traumatizing tragedy in childhood. It doesn’t matter where they originally came from, they survived, and started saving others. It doesn’t matter where you come from either, as long as you get yourself out to the word. That’s what most of our superheroes did, against all odds.

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How to Become One?

All the dreamers still in the warmth of your living rooms, find that super strength inside of you. Traveling represents your courage to follow your dreams. When you travel, you are able to choose your destination, purpose of the trip and your partners in crime. To put it differently, it helps you to identify your personal desires, hopes and people you want to surround yourself with. Try something new, somewhere new.

When you travel, expand your horizon like the Fantastic Four, have faith in yourself like Robin has in Batman, and explore every inch of the world like Superman. Step into an airplane, hop on a bus, jump on a train, and start a new chapter in your very own comic book. Be the superheroine you deserve to be. Be the Wonder Woman who inspires others and has the courage to fight the fear of unknown.

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rita lahtinen At the fresh age of 15, Rita packed her bags and started exploring the world. 10 years and more than 50 countries later, she is still on the road. Originally from Finland, she is currently based in Copenhagen and San Diego. A few years ago, Rita decided to take a break from social media and focus on exactly where she was and with whom she was at the given moment. During those years, she focused on shooting film and wrote a novel about traveling as a young girl. Her latest project, traveldelic, is about 365 things travel has taught her so far. Please feel free to share your thoughts with her here. Find her on Instagram @traveldelic.