I have been living and studying in Lund, which is in Southern Sweden, for one and a half years now. Whenever I manage to squeeze some breaks into my busy study schedule, I try to explore as much of this amazing country as possible. This urge to wander led me and my friends to do a road trip around Southern Sweden – and I came to believe, that everyone should add this to their bucket list!

In these memorable two weeks, we realised how amazing the country was, that we had been living in for almost a year – a real eye opener. We started our journey in Lund and went on to explore Gothenburg and its archipelago; we drove further north and visited the national park Glaskogen; we did canoeing on the biggest lake in the EU, Vänern, and had a little stop at Örebro; We even made a quick stop in Sweden’s other university city, Uppsala. We ended our magical trip in Stockholm, Sweden’s marvellous capital. As we travelled during the long summer months, we were accompanied by plenty of sun and fairly high temperatures – which can not be taken for granted in Southern Sweden, where you should always take your umbrella with you. We didn’t plan anything in advance except for arrangements with two couch surfing hosts, and as it turns out, Sweden was perfect for our spontaneous souls!

Here are 7 reasons why a road trip around Southern Sweden should make it onto your bucket list.

Why Everyone should do a a Roadtrip in Southern Sweden - friends

1. In Sweden everything is ‘lagom’

In Sweden nearly everything is ‘lagom’, which basically means ‘just right’. This is also true for traffic – great for road trips. It’s a big country with a small population, so there is almost no traffic at all. When you hit the roads in Sweden you barely have to bother with slow Sunday drivers on country roads or traffic jams in cities. It’s always a smooth ride where you can enjoy the breath-taking landscapes you are passing by. Another convenient fact is the right hand traffic, which Sweden introduced in 1967 (at least for those of us who are used to it).

Why Everyone should do a a Roadtrip in Southern Sweden - forest

2. Prepare for some incredible landscapes

I always knew that Sweden would be a beautiful country, but I’ve only really grasped what incredible landscapes this country boasts when I travelled through certain parts of it.  Sweden is laced with lakes and forests and cute little wooden houses. There are many national parks and nature reserves where you can explore the Swedish nature, and if you are lucky you can even spot some moose.

Another amazing feature of Sweden’s nature is the beautiful islands along the coast line. The most popular ones are the archipelagos in Stockholm and Gothenburg. You can visit the islands via ferry and spend a nice and quiet day enjoying the view at the sea.

Why Everyone should do a a Roadtrip in Southern Sweden - midsummer

3. Say hello to amazing people

Almost everybody in Sweden speaks English (almost) fluently, which is mainly owed to subtitled American and British TV shows and films. This makes it very easy to ask for advice or directions, or start chatting with people. Besides that, Swedes are always polite, friendly and really helpful. So, don’t miss the chance to meet these lovely people and get to know their culture.

Why Everyone should do a a Roadtrip in Southern Sweden - Islands, Red cottage

4. Go wild, because wild camping is allowed

Thanks to Allemansrätten (the freedom to roam), which gives everyone access to nature, Sweden is the perfect place to camp in the wild. If you are preparing a road trip, you might also want to throw your tent and sleeping bag into that car (don’t forget some warm clothes for chilly summer nights). It’s an incredible feeling to watch the sunset next to a cosy campfire and wake up when the sun is peeking through the trees. If you prefer to sleep on a proper mattress, a snuggly red wooden cottage on a camping site might be the perfect alternative.

Why Everyone should do a a Roadtrip in Southern Sweden - lindholmen

5. Embrace the quiet and peaceful environment

As already mentioned, Sweden is a huge country with a small population. It doesn’t take an insider to figure out that you will easily find a plethora of incredibley quiet and peaceful places. Not only once, did we find ourselves hiking around a lake which was completely our own.


6. Stockholm is amazing

Stockholm on its own is a reason to come to Sweden. It’s a city of perfect size: not too big and not too small. It’s built on several islands, which are connected with bridges and make for a truly unique cityscape. You will find plenty of museums, an amusement park, a shopping paradise and countless cosy little cafes everywhere – one of the best coffee places is Valhallabageriet (Valhalla Bakery) You must try the cinnamon buns!

17096818637_dd674066f9_k photo by Rosa malaise via flickr

7. Learn to cherish Fika

When you come to Sweden you definitely need to learn the word fika. It simply means hanging out with your friends, having a cup of coffee and some cake or a kanelbulle (cinnamon bun). Swedes love to go for a fika and by the time you actually experienced this spirit you will for sure ask your friends at home to join you for a fika too!

Do you have a favourite place in the southern part of Sweden? Feel free to share! Tack så mycket and hopefully see you soon in Sweden! 

This is a guest post by Irene Prihoda.

Irene Irene comes from a tiny town in Upper Austria and has been living in Lund, Southern Sweden, for 1,5 years to study economics. After Vienna and London, Lund is her third stop, and she’s already curious where life will take her next! Follow her on Instagram to keep up to date with her travels.