Contrary to popular belief, Cyprus’ tourism product is not designed only for 18-year old partying or for elderly couples’ long term retirement holidays. Just like other countries such as Spain, Greece, Morocco, Egypt, Turkey and many South East Asia countries, you can design your trip around your interests and budget without any limitations.

Distance and Transport:

In Cyprus, the longest driving distance is around 2,5 hours. Therefore, basing yourself in one part is not restrictive but neither is moving around constantly. Renting a car is cheaper than most European countries. More on the budget side, you can use the local buses to move between cities for around 5 euros, or you can use a private company which operates numerous scheduled mini vans throughout the day connecting the large cities (Nicosia – Limassol – Larnaka – Protaras – Paphos).

Food and Drink:

Cyprus Mediterranean cuisine is a go-to, but on top of that it has to offer many top-notch fine restaurants and International cuisine options. If you want to stick to your budget, the options are unlimited. The popular souvlakia & gyros (similar to kebab) cost just over 5 euros in most areas and the portions are more than filling for a big meal. In addition, the local bakeries found in every corner,  sell fresh savoury snacks which can be consumed as any meal of the day, for over 2 euros. Make sure you try the local pies, such as cheese pies, olive pies, sausage pies and more! From most bakeries, you can buy sandwiches or even “home-made” warm food, which again wouldn’t cost more than 5 euros per meal.  Coffee normally costs around 1.50-3 euros depending where you are, and water costs around 0.50. If you want to stick to your budget, try to organise your beach days, as beach bars and restaurants tend to charge much more for food and drink. An alternative option is to stick to a very low budget meal throughout the day and dine in a local “Taverna” at night for around 15 euros. The drinks in Cyprus are priced sensibly – beers cost around 5 euros.


Although Cyprus has a hostel shortage, there are numerous options available for self-catered apartments in every city. Throughout the year, it is possible to find apartments (no restrictions in nights) for around 40 to 50 euros for 2 people. AirBnb options with similar prices are available as well. Of course you can spurge on a top-notch 5 star hotel without a cap, but Cyprus has so many things to offer it will probably keep you away from your hotel most of the time!


It’s advisable you book flights to Cyprus sooner than later, as they can end up quite pricey for the distance. However, there are various airlines and options available flying to both the Larnaca and Paphos airports.


Just like every destination in the world, try not to stick to misconceptions about its tourism product. Cyprus can offer a holiday for everyone, irrespective of age, budget or preferences. It is rated as one of the most European counties, it offers budget options and offers great weather (however, don’t be tricked: warmer days start in the end of March and finish around mid- October – however you can always go skiing at the Troodos mountains in February!).


Chara was born in Cyprus and flew away to Britain at the age of 18. During her first backpacking trip, she realized what the craze was about and promised herself she’d never give it up. She likes taking millions of photographs and enthusiastically giving too much information to everyone about her travels. Chara shares her thoughts with the rest of the world on her Instagram @c.anaxagora.