With traveling and planning your summer holiday its the same as with so many other things – each to his own. Intentions, preferences and comfort zones are as diverse as the people of this planet and even though we’re all Travelettes, that doesn’t mean we’re all the same when it comes to our dream holiday.

Answer these five questions and find out which summer holiday type you are!


1. Imagine wanderlust grabs you late at night, but all you can afford at the moment is a DVD rental – which movie would you choose?

a) “The Bucket List“ (2007) with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman

b) “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” (2008) with Kristen Bell and Jason Segel

c) “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” (2008) with Scarlett Johansson and Penelope Cruz

d) “Seven Years in Tibet” (1997) with Brad Pitt

e) “Sex and the City 2” (2010)


2. The most crucial question for your summer holiday is always the same – where to go? How do you make your decision?

a) Your favorite decision tool: Asking your friends about their recent trips and then go somewhere where none of them have been before.

b) You’ll probably just search for “sandy beach” on Pinterest and choose whatever looks the prettiest – maybe the Maldives or a lonely Greek island.

c) You write down a list of interesting cities, compare them considering criteria like distance, population and hipness, and book the next direct flight you can find!.

d) You flip through the last 6 issues of National Geographic and try to figure out which is the most deserted landscape on this planet – you wanna have it for yourself.

e) It’s not really that hard – doesn’t every country have a nice five-star-resort?


3. Finally, you’ve reached a decision and booked your ticket. Next hurdle: accommodation. How do you bed yourself on your trip?

a) Your worst nightmare: an anonymous hotel room. You want to meet locals and see how the people really live. You prefer surfing on somebody’s couch, but could also agree on the locally run family style hostel.

b) You’re a TripAdvisor specialist. The most important factors about your dream hotel are proximity to the beach, availability of ocean view rooms and the typical hotel guests. This line makes you book instantly: “No children allowed.”

c) You are drawn to the center of events. Hostels, hotels, AirBnB – you raid them all on the search for the best price-performance ratio. You’re favorite: that little boutique hotel right in the hip university district.

d) The place you’re going to does most likely not exist on any of the established booking platforms. But who cares, all you need is your tent right?

e) Ever heard of DesignHotels.com? Problem solved.


4. It’s summer now, you got onto that plane, moved into your room and changed into your first holiday outfit –  which one did you pick?

a) Totally depends on where you got off. As you went to the airport and bought a ticket for the next available flight you brought everything from your cozy fur parka to the most colorful swimsuit you found online.

b) “Are you kidding?” All you need from now on is a bikini, a sarong and an oversized straw-hat.

c) Your must-haves on this trip: comfortable shoes to walk around all day and a bag that fits it all.

d) Layers, layers, layers. Out in the wild climate and temperature can change surprisingly fast and you want to be prepared for everything.

e) This is about the hardest dilemma you can imagine right now – good you brought enough outfits to change three times a day anyways.


5. You want to enjoy your holiday from the first to the last day – what kind of activities have you planned?

a) “Good question – any suggestions?” As you haven’t planned anything beforehand you’re open to any idea you come cross, the more extreme the better! Did anybody say Skydiving?

b) You are glad that somebody invented the e-reader. Most of your time you will spend on your beach towel holding your electronic best friend over your face. If that gets boring there’s always a swim-up bar to swim up to testdrive.

c) You don’t need to go too far, but rather want to get to know your surroundings. After your trip you will know this city by heart and could write a guide book on the fanciest restaurants, the most delicious bakeries and all the free stuff you can do.

d) You are looking for a once in a lifetime experiences in the wild nature. Mountain-biking, hiking, swimming in the river – you’ve got it all on your list!

e) You don’t want to take care of everything yourself – you’re on vacation after all. A day in the spa here, a shopping trip to the local markets there, in between a tour organized by the hotel. You’ll get yourself pampered.


Results if you’ve answered….

mostly a): The Adventure Girl
There’s one thing you don’t know: Standing still. You are always on the lookout for the most exotic travel destination and want to try everything at least once in life. Even though you have an imaginary kilometer-long bucket list in your head, your travels take spontaneous turns rather than being precisely planned long before. What you need is a backpacking trip to an unusual country – for example Tanzania and Zanzibar!

mostly b): The Beach Girl
There are two things you do to prepare for your trip: 1) Watching movies like “50 First Dates” or “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” to get used to the beautiful settings. 2) Taking Vitamin A pills for a couple of weeks to facilitate tanning your skin. You’re goal is it to find the most beautiful and fascinating beach on this planet – have you tried the Caribbean island Curacao yet?


mostly c): The City Hopper
Beaches, mountains, national parks – these things are not for you. You want to explore the metropolises of this world. Bigger, louder, more crowded than anything else, in these places foreign cultures crush on your head like the biggest waves of Hawaii. Prepare yourself for busy streets, blinking neon-signs, delicious street food and confusing systems of street names and house numbers. The next plane might take you to Ho Chi Minh, Berlin or Vancouver– your call!

mostly d): The Outdoor Girl
The description of the city hopper gives you the creeps? What you expect from your summer holiday is the relaxing calmness of the nature surrounding you. You’re inspiration comes from documentaries you saw on the Banff Mountain Film Festival or at Klara’s. Your dream holidays include crossing the Alps by bike, hiking in the Tibetian mountains or canoeing down the Colorado river.

mostly e): The Glamour Girl
Glamorous and luxurious are the most accurate terms to describe your dream holiday. Ever since you saw “Sex and the City” 1 and 2 you long for the life of Scheherazade and a trip to Oman. Or rather a pampering cruise on a ship like the Titanic? Staying away from icebergs naturally included.



The illustrations come from the creative hands of fashion illustrator Inslee Haynes and her wonderful blog The Sketch Book. I’m in love.

This is a post by Kathi Kamleitner.

Kathi Kamleitner was a regular contributor at Travelettes from 2013 to 2019. Originally from Vienna, Austria, she packed her backpack to travel the world and lived in Denmark, Iceland and Berlin, before settling in Glasgow, Scotland. Kathi is always preparing her next trip – documenting her every step with her camera, pen and phone.

In 2016, Kathi founded Scotland travel blog WatchMeSee.com to share her love for her new home, hiking in the Scottish Highlands, island hopping and vegan food. Follow her adventures on Instagram @watchmesee!