When we heard about a travel bloggers conference happening in Innsbruck, Austria this weekend, we figured that this could be our excuse to take some time off rainy days at the Berlin office and instead doing some networking and maybe learning a thing or two, all while enjoying the sunny and gorgeous city of Innsbruck. Not all of us are here, only Kathrine, Nina, Yvonne and myself (Katja). While Yvonne had taken an early flight, the rest of us opted for sleeping in and showed up at Sch̦nefeld airport at a comfortable 3pm Рin heels, obviously.

While we go on lots of trips all the time, this was actually the first time a few of us traveled together. An interesting endeavour – given that we have to balance out the fact that we’re here to work all while having some fun, of course.

Apart from benefiting greatly from the people we meet and the workshops we attend at Travel Bloggers Unite, our plan is to

  • disprove the cliché that Innsbruck is old-fashioned and not a good destination for young people
  • find and test great hotels, cafes, restaurants and bars for you
  • get to know all the fun stuff to do around here
  • look good while doing all of the above

Someone recently asked me whether backpacking in heels meant that we were flashpackers. I said no, but after this trip, I may have to reconsider, because look….

… we’re all fully equipped with laptops, smart phones and fancy cameras.

Instead of flying to Innsbruck directly, we flew to Munich where we got a shuttle that drove us to Innsbruck on a 2-hour drive. The shuttle (Four Seasons) from Munich airport to your hotel in Innsbruck costs 78 Euros round trip but is only really recommendable if flying to Innsbruck directly would cost you a whole lot more (it might). It’s a long drive, but also a scenic one, so we didn’t regret it.

Upon arrival in Innsbruck we were pretty surprised. We had heard mixed reviews by people who said either thought it was ugly and boring or those who feel it’s great. We’re completely intent on having a great time and considering that we have some amazing things like white water rafting, paragliding and kayaking on our itinerary, I have no doubt that we will have a great time here.

The good times actually started from the first minute we arrived at our hotel – The PENZ – an amazing glass palace with the most incredibly roof terrace and outlandish breakfast.

But before we could think about breakfast ( we arrived at 8pm after all), we headed out into the Altstadt for some Austrian home cooking and landed at the super popular Stiftskeller which had our food out about 3 minutes after ordering.

We spent the rest of the evening at the moustache bar, getting to know lots of other travel bloggers, all of whom know how to let the good times roll, so we are in excellent company. We’ll be here until Tuesday, so if any of you has tips to share on Innsbruck and around, we would love to hear them.

Until then – prost.