Imagine there was a way to live on the road, to not just jump on a train or rush to the airport, but to actually live there and take life – and nature – as it comes. Sounds good? Well, two creatives from Berlin are doing just that whenever they feel like escaping the big smoke (often).

Earlier this year, photographer Marlen Mueller, designer Thomas Adler and their cute dog Cat set out to see a part of the world where no U-Bahn or bus would stop: wilderness. Or, as they call it, Urban Tenting. Since then, they got into a quiet routine, and perhaps almost a habit of exploring, camping outside and having breakfast, lunch and dinner in between the woods.

Whilst on the road in Eastern Germany last weekend, Marlen and Thomas took some time to scribble down a bunch of very good advice – in case you fancy following their example.


How did the idea for Urban Tenting come up?

We got the idea after we had just bought our first tent and thought about good places where we could try it out. We don’t know why, but our first idea was to camp in the former waterpark called “Blub” in Berlin-Britz. We thought it might be fun to stay there and also, it was the nearest outdoor option for us from our home in Neukölln. The former waterpark is like a modern jungle in the city. After our experience there, we founded Urban Tenting.

What do you love most about being in nature?

Spending time outside is a great way to learn how to fully life in nature.

U-T-ROADTRIP-1462 tumblr_nurofpfY8M1uqnvtoo1_1280

How do you prepare for a trip?

We just pack our travel-box with everything we need. That would be camera equipment, our tent, camp mugs, sleeping bag, blankets and so on.

How long does an average trip last and how do you select a location?

That clearly depends on how much time we have! We do day trips and long-term trips. Our longest trip so far were three weeks. Most of the time though, we chose our locations by researching satellite maps.

Urban_Tenting UT-ROADTRIP-0640

How do you fund your adventures?

We both do freelance work. We also cooperate with outdoor brands who help us out with gear. Plus, we always try to keep our trips low budget.

What was the best and worst experience you had while out there any why?

Once we got into a big thunderstorm at the Baltic Sea. At that time, we just had a tent – and no car. Marlen was scared because we were surrounded a ton of trees. Then again, it was cosy and exciting at the same time.


What is your favourite photo and why?

That would be an image with both of us sitting in our jeep and watching a beautiful sunset near Split in Croatia.

How has roadtripping, camping and photographing together changed you guys?

We both think that we need do it for a bit longer in order to be able to say what changed us. So far, we’ve already learned a lot out there. Over time it gets easier to decide where to camp. And we are a lot faster with setting up a “campsite” than we used to be.


Where are you heading next? Does it ever get too cold?

We have been thinking about going to London and the UK in general for a while now. We want to drive there with our jeep, take the ferry and then explore London with our tent. We’re also thinking about renting a camper or a trailer for the winter in Europe.

That sounds magnificent. Good luck and thanks so much for your time! 


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All photographs taken by Urban Tenting