Having real friends in your life is a blessing, but being one is the goal. The value of real friends should be one of the things to learn from traveling. Over the years, the most beautiful words have been written about friendship. But all of them are understatements.

Everyone needs a supportive friend

Traveling makes women feel extremely empowered, self-reliant and adventuresome. These types of well-built feelings occur, especially when you solo travel AKA run the world, like Beyonce would sing at this point. However, even Queen B didn’t just become the ultimate Survivor on her own. She had two soldier girls beside her, when she still had bills, bills, bills to pay, and was about to bloom into the independent, bootylicious woman that all of us now love.

Being strong in a speedy society is essential, but knowing who you can count on is justly as significant. What would be the reason behind all the art, if there was nobody to see it? What would be the reason behind music and everything written, if there were no one to hear or read it? Thus, all of us wandering Miss Independent’s need a true friend to support us. We are not meant to be alone, even if we sometimes think we are.

They see the magical cuckoo in you

There are 204 countries, 809 islands and 7 seas. And you were lucky enough to meet your friends. They care about you despite the unshared DNA, despite that fact that you are always late, forget to call, and even if you are little nuts in general. Your friends are the people that make you laugh louder, and don’t judge for still waiting a letter from Hogwarts. They have the ability to see the true magic inside of you, even when you are hexing them with cursing spells.

They help, especially when it’s time to leave and come back

Real friends help you to pack all the crucials for your trips. Passport, courage, your smile and a belief that’s it’s all going to be alright. Real friends offer you a ride to the airport at 4 AM on Sunday morning, no matter how many times they have picked you up from there, at the same time. Furthermore, real friends are package deals. They are like therapists, siblings and wardrobes, conventionally all in one. That’s why it’s crucial to choose wisely; same sized.

They don’t care about your private jet

In your life you will probably meet legions of those people, who will want to hop on to a private jet with you, but unlikely several of those, who are willing to pick you up, when that infamous jet is badly out of order.

These people are the ones that wait you to come back when you are gone, and help you to unpack your luggage, no matter what kind of baggage you travel with. Real friends are authentic, incomplete and treasured. However, unfortunately, they don’t fit suitcases.

They never forget or give up on you

Real friends are like stars. Sometimes you loose them out of your sight, and sometimes you don’t see them at all, but they are there. Forever. Real friends don’t ever stop contacting you, even when you have been too busy, while chilling at the beach for the past 6 months. True friends don’t expect anything, they are grateful for every moment they share with you.

They care about you, despite your credit card depth 

Real friends join you for a road trip, no matter how many times you have already almost killed them. Real friends send you post cards, even though you never have space for their souvenirs. In essence, real friends send you the pair of forgotten shoes that you can’t live without – already knowing that they will never get the money back from postal charges, even after you having made a change of address online. Real friends offer you a couch, when you come back from your journey, with  – USD500 in your bank account. And of course, without a job and a place to stay.

They are not always the ones you expect them to be

Real friends are not always the ones you have known since the 90s, sometimes they are the ones that came into your life with one-way ticket, when you least expected it. The times change, people change, life changes. The real shit never changes.

They love you more than anyone

Real friends sometimes love you more than you even love yourself. And they definitely love you more than the douchebag you mistakenly spent your travel budget for.

Make time for them, work for your peer-to-peer relationship, and care about them. Eternal friendships are like cherry blossoms. They bloom rarely, but when they do, they are serene, well-rounded and enchantingly beautiful. They make you to see the world as a better place.


rita lahtinen At the fresh age of 15, Rita packed her bags and started exploring the world. 10 years and more than 50 countries later, she is still on the road. Originally from Finland, she is currently based in Copenhagen and San Diego. A few years ago, Rita decided to take a break from social media and focus on exactly where she was and with whom she was at the given moment. During those years, she focused on shooting film and wrote a novel about traveling as a young girl. Her latest project, traveldelic, is about 365 things travel has taught her so far. Please feel free to share your thoughts with her here. Find her on Instagram @traveldelic.