Finding the perfect piece of luggage is a bit of a trial and error affair. We’ve all been seduced by fancy looks over functionality. We’ve all thought we’ve invested in a bag that would ‘last a lifetime’, only to find that two weeks of hauling around on buses/trains/planes has caused it to split right at the wrong time. We’ve all wanted to have the perfect bag that would apply to every type of trip, but then been a bit embarrassed rocking up to a fancy hotel with a stinky broken backpack… or worse, facing a Thai long-boat with a suitcase on wheels.

Whatever bag you end up always reaching for when heading out of town could speak volumes about the style you travel in… or perhaps even express the type of traveller you truly are? Take our little tongue-in-cheek luggage personality test, and see how you measure up to your baggage! Which one do you pick?

lugage abc luggage def


A. Big Suitcase (On Wheels)

crop suitcase lady
You’re prepared for every single scenario; every possible restaurant you could eat at, every event you may pass through, every fluctuation of temperature. You’re ready for it and with about 5 different outfits for each of these possible situations! Who cares if every time it comes to packing this hulking box, your room explodes into a frenzy of outfits? Bikinis, shorts, skirts, dresses and maxi dresses swamp your vision and soon tears, sweat, blood and tantrums feature in the packing process as the stress levels sky-rocket. A usual feature of the eve before flying, is weighing your bag and painfully sacrificing one pair of socks at a time to get the weight under the limit. You care about your appearance though, but it is guaranteed that you’ll kick yourself for not packing that dress once reaching your hotel.
You’re a lover of city breaks and holidays with minimal hotel changes. Once at your destination, you like to unpack and set-up a home-away-from-home in your hotel room. Especially if your outfits have a tendency to crease whilst in transit!
You like a dash of the finer things in life, a bit of luxury and home-comforts when traveling. So it makes you very uncomfortable when the situation arises when things get quite awkward and a suitcase on wheels is not practical, i.e. a muddy road or getting on small boats. But who cares, because girl, you’re looking fiiine in that well chosen outfit!

B. Traditional Backpack

backpack girl
You’ve done this a thousand times. You know to roll your clothes in order to utilise your space well. You know that soft unbreakable items should go in the lower section, and harder awkward shaped items should be in the top section. You know how to zip away the big straps in 30 seconds flat. You know that there is a definite limit to the number of shoes you can bring, but are fine with that. You know that you have to under-pack and ignore that potential unused space, as you know you’ll be picking up many souvenirs over the next month or so.
These backpacks are for the adventurous types. It’s for the girls who like to be able to carry their lives on their back with no help. A girl who is independent and ready to get going at a moments notice, or swing her bag on her back and run for that bus that is early (for once!).
Not only is this bag picked for its ease of carrying, but it also serves as a chair to squat on while waiting to check into your hostel room or as a makeshift bed when camping in an airport for an early morning/late night flight!
On arrival, you love the ease of your backpack as you’re used to trawling the streets, sweating bullets under an Asian sun, searching for that guesthouse that is not only low in price, but comes with a free breakfast.
You’re a savvy traveller who knows the place inside-and-out before arriving as you’ve practically eaten the guidebook in excitement on the plane! You know the tips and tricks, what prices you should expect, where the bus station is and where that really cool beach bar is which serves amazing cocktails out of pineapples.

C. Sports Bag

sport crop

You always reserve approximately ten minutes to pack before having to haul ass and get to the airport. You don’t even factor in the thought of outfits, and just throw whatever you’ve been wearing over the past week into this bag (screw folding!), zip up and go. Life’s too short to have to plan too much; as long as you’ve got your trainers and hiking boots, plus a few maps of the region, you’re pretty much prepped.
These girls are ready to hurl themselves out of a plane or bungee jump at a moments notice. They’re the first to suggest a 5am hike or a midnight swim, and they don’t give a damn if someone whinges about a fear of sharks. They grab life by the balls and are ready to trek through whatever the journey throws at them.
Unfortunately, they’re disorganised and scatty, losing documents and visas in the most annoying situations. Their dismissal of getting travel insurance can be scary for their friends and family, especially when they jump on scooters and race around villages without a second thought. And constantly burn their leg on those hot exhaust pipes. But that’s nothing a bit of salt water can’t heal! (right??)
If they could, they would just check-in a surf board and try and cram in essentials into that board-bag… don’t even get them started on the expensive charges in checking-in sports equipment!
Their worst nightmare would be stuck in a hoity-toity flashy restaurant where beer isn’t cheap and food isn’t authentic. They like ‘real’ experiences where they can soak up new experiences and get stuck into the environment!

D. A Carry-On (that is all!)

carry on crop
Brave and spirited. Positive and enthusiastic. You’ve hardly packed a thing, but you’re not scared of living a simplistic existence out of this one bag that you can carry straight onto the plane. Queuing to check-in baggage and then wasting time at the carousel is for amateurs as you like to jump off the plane, flip open your passport to the guards and then get stuck into the new place.
Who cares that you have about 5 outfits (maximum)? You’re never in one place long enough for anyone to sneer at wearing the same outfit too many times. And if they do, who cares?? All you need is your camera, a pair of jeans, a couple of tops, your journal (to record all those faces and places), one sexy dress (that causes yet another guy to fall in love with you), your leather jacket for those cool temperatures and a toothbrush. You rock ankle boots most of the time, but have a pair of vintage leather sandals dangling off your fingertips for when you fancy feeling the breeze around your toes. You’re possessive of your items and will never let this trusty bag out of sight, as the memories that are stored away in your writings and photos are priceless.
You love the feeling of being free and fully embrace living light. No one can tie you down or make you stay in any place that you don’t want to, as you’re keen to venture solo and go where the wind takes you.

E. Woven Duffel Bag

hippie girl
This soft, one-shouldered, tapestry hippie bag is full of life and memories. When you caress its fabric, your eyes glaze over as you remember sipping tea at the foothills of the Himalayas, sniffing incense at a Hindu temple and stretching into yoga poses by rivers. You love new cultures and seeing all the different ways that people lead their lives around the world, and you like to stay in a place and really live the destination. You’d hate to pass through countries and cities on whistle-stop tours as you want to really get in touch with the essence of the place. You don’t see the point in taking photographs as sketches, postcards and tattoos are better at preserving memories than anything else. In saying this, you have a tattoo to show of each country or trip that you’ve taken.
A tan and silver anklets are what you like to be adorned with, so you mainly slouch around in loose tops and hippie pants. Your hair can accidentally begin dread-locking towards the end of the trip, and this is only when you actually look at a calendar and realise your flight home is fast approaching!
You have a habit of falling in love easily, whether it’s with a hypnotic stranger, a mountain, a homestay, a beach. You fall hard and can’t even bear the thought of returning home… so often extend trips to your mum/dad/boss’s dismay.
Yeah, you may return from each trip looking a lot skinnier than before (pesky dysentery, eh?) but you never whinge at the quality of food or cleanliness of places. This is the world, and experiencing it without home comforts is what travel is all about to you.

F. Vintage Leather Hold-All

vintage lady
This case belonged to your grandma’s great aunt who had bashed it around the globe way back in the day when Lonely Planet was not even a scribbled note. This tough leathered and weathered case holds history in its lining and is always the one you pick when having to make a journey to a new exciting city.
You lovingly pick out your favourite tea dresses and vintage midi dresses that roughly match your wooden-soled sandals, and always pack your 1950’s styled bikini and paisley shawl for the beach-time lounging! You don a silken headscarf and cat-eyed sunglasses before striding out to meet your plane, leather-covered passport in hand. Your SLR never leaves your hip on that Etsy leather strap and you’re keen to document every sight you see, but tend to veer away from capturing the typical tourist snaps. You want to find the hidden gems of cities and be able to report back on things that are off the be aten track. However, sometimes this can become too much of a fixation and you end up signing off the majority of ‘top tourist sights’ as tourist traps.
You enjoy roadside cafes and plush restaurants, and are quite adaptable to the different faucets for a new country. You can be plonked into a beachside destination, cityscape, wooded campsite or an isolated cabin, but still come away with magical stories that can be passed onto your daughters when you pass on the leather hold-all to them.

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Sophie Saint was one of the original travelettes, from 2009 – 2017. After fleeing the UK with ink barely dry on her graduation certificate, she traversed the world with a backpack and spent a few years living in Melbourne – one of her favourite cities in the world.

She finally returned to the UK after a few years where she now whiles time away zipping off for European escapes, crocheting and daydreaming of owning her own hostel somewhere hot to live out eternal summers. See what she’s up to over on her blog and instagram: @saintsonaplane