Traveling can broaden your mind. Actually, it almost definitely will. You will see and do things you’ve never seen or done before. And sometimes you will see and do things you never thought you will see or do. Here we go:

Our Top 10 weirdest stuff to do and see while traveling

1. Square Watermelons – Japan

Ever had the problem that a watermelon felt out of the fridge down the ground and messed up everything on the floor? Well, with a square watermelon this wouldn’t have happen. AND it also saves space in the fridge. That’s why the Japanese farmers have come up with the idea to let their watermelons grow in a plastic case to get the perfect square one. With this method, one could grow watermelons in all sorts of shapes. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a heart watermelon?

photo by Mark Liddell

2. Beer Baths – Germany/Czech Republic

You know the Germans love their beer and so do the Czechs.  And it’s liquid. Like water. You bathe in water. Some clever people put two and two together and decided to invent the beer bath. For several years now, the beer bath has been offered at several German and Czech spas. Cleopatra’s milk bath is clearly outdated, so bring on the brew! Good for your skin and purging your body, it might be just what the doctor ordered. But be careful: The effect will get lost when you drink your bathwater. Sorry, your bathBEER.

3. The Penis Festival – Japan

Freud would be delighted about this festival at Kanamara Shrine in Kawasaki, Japan. Every year in spring, the streets here a filled with parades featuring huge penis statues. One can even buy candy, vegetables and gifts in the shape of male genitals. They say, that it was created about 200 years ago, by prostitutes praying for sexual safety. Nowadays the event helps to raise money for HIV/AIDS research. Plus it attracts a lot of tourists.

4. Lom̩ Voodoo Market РTogo

Your lover is cheating on you? Or you want bigger breasts? I don’t know if there are recipes for these problems but if there were, you are likely to find them here: at the Voodoo Market in Lomé, Togo in West Africa. Crocodiles’ heads, chimpanzees’ hands, horses’ hearts and elephants’ feet – just make your pick. Ask the next best voodoo priest and he will tell you what to buy and help you to produce your magic powder, soup or whatever else you may need to fulfill the spell. Want to run a marathon? Then you need the head, heart and four legs of a horse – just an example.

photo by Karin

5. Horseflesh Ice Cream – Japan

I don’t know if this Japanese ice cream has the same effect as the voodoo medicine but for sure you won’t run a marathon if you eat ten tubs of it each day. Yummy RAW horseflesh. In ice cream. You’re not into horseflesh? Then maybe you’d like to give  garlic, oyster or snake ice-cream a try? All of the above can be tried and tested at the Ice-Cream City inside Namja Town, a theme park inside Sunshine City, which is a shopping compley in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

photo via bake pad

6. Nightingale Droppings Facial – Japan

Ewww, you have POOP on your face! Yes, honey. That makes it fresh and young again. Huh? Here’s another Japanese thing. Seems like if you’re looking for all things unusual, then Japan is your country. There, it’s called Uguisu-no-Fun. But it is FUN. Kind of. Back in the days, Geishas used it to brighten and whiten their skin and to remove their make up. Since Oprah and Victoria Beckham use it, the whole world is talking about the beauty poop. But don’t be afraid: it’s actually hygienic, as it has been treated with Ultra Violet light to make it completely bacteria free. Does it smell? Yes, kind of musky.

7. The Volcano Bath – Colombia

For anyone not into the idea of taking the beer bath described above, why not opt for one inside a volcano? In Cartagena, Colombia, volcano Totumo is awaiting you. There, you can take a bath in lukewarm mud with a bunch of strangers. They say that it will clean your skin and make it look younger. However, the most fun part of it, is to take pictures of you totally covered in mud.

photo via Andreas Schonhaug

8. Rotel – The Rolling Hotel

You want to travel the world without checking in and out again and again? Book a trip in the ROTEL. The rolling hotel. Well, maybe it’s not the most comfortable hotel in the world but it will take you around it. By the way: It was a Rotel which crossed the Sahara as the first bus ever in 1969.

9. Hair Museum – Turkey

I think Galip Körükçü has a hair fetish. Why would anyone collect hair from women all around the world without being obsessed? The Turk started in 1979 and since then more than 16.000 strands of hair decorate the cave in Avanos and brought him a listing in the Guinness Book of World Records.

10. Clinic Bar – Singapore

Well, I do know about people who may end up inside a clinic after drinking a bit too much. But getting drunk in one? Raise your hand! No one? Ok, in Clarke Quay in Singapore you can do that. In the hospital-themed Clinic Bar you can sit in a wheelchair while drinking your cocktail out of a blood bag. Pretty good: if you can’t walk anymore after too many drinks – just rest your head in one of the clinic beds. But I don’t know if the sexy doctor barkeeper can help you when you need medical advice…

photo by Tien Soon

What kind of weird stuff happened to you while traveling? What did you do or see?