Wedding season is upon us in the United States! I have several friends this year who are avid travelers, have met their spouses abroad, or just like cute and quirky gifts that go beyond a chip-n-dip and monogrammed hand towels. Travel-themed wedding gifts are great even for people who don’t travel all that often as well, and may even inspire the couple to embark on new journeys. These are some of my favorite travel-themed wedding gifts to give (hint: you don’t have to be getting married to buy them either!)

Personalized maps

I collect maps. I think one of the best mementos is taking one of my maps that is marked up with the awesome places I’ve seen, and framing it. Mapping the concept of love is really cool and special. My fiance and I have several map-themed items around our house; he flew to Norway to propose to me, so that particular location is very special to us. You can get really creative with a personalized map, and it makes a really beautiful memento for the couple who receives it. Click on each of the pictures to find out how get one of these personalised maps.


available at inktuitive


available at Here and There Shop


available at Paper Arcadia

For couples that travel a lot together, gifting a map where they can mark their journeys will be a present they will truly treasure for a long time.


available at Macanaz


Luggage and accessories

You’d be surprised how many couples ask for these items on their registries! If a full set of luggage is out of your reach, the happy couple will definitely appreciate personalized travel accessories that will be fully utilized on their honeymoon. Creative luggage tags, customizable dopp kits, and other items the traveling lovebirds might not think to include in their trousseau, are items that will be used over and over again (well, as long as they keep traveling, which hopefully they will!).


available at Exsect


available at BINSCREATION


available at Felix Street Studio


Inspirational prints

A great supplementary gift is a framed print that couples can put in their home and be inspired by every day. If you are crafty you can even make one yourself.


available at HopSkipJumpPaper


available at of life and lemons


available at Elm St Studio Printable


available at Decorart Design

If you are the type who doesn’t have time to get a gift before the wedding, a print highlighting the couples’ honeymoon destination is a really cool idea.


Home décor

There are just some other interesting and cute items that even non-traveling couples will appreciate. I especially love the pillows that spell out  “love” in different languages, and the beautiful globes painted over with personalized inscriptions. These items make great additions to any home and many of the ones I’ve bought for married friends have become really unique conversation starters.


available at RoomCraft


available at Cedar Workshop


available Whole World of Love


available at Roseberry Store


available at The Cutting Board Shop


available at Daisy Mae Designs Shop


The beauty of a wedding gift is that no matter what you offer to your friends, it will be appreciated for years to come. These are just a few of the things I have given to the adventurous people in my life, but a simple search on Etsy or Amazon will bring up so much more – just have a look at our Wedding Gift board here. The best part is that you don’t need to use someone’s wedding as an excuse to pick up a cool travel gift either – it is perfectly okay to celebrate your own awesome travels with one of these as well!

Have you received or given another great travel-themes (wedding) gift – tell us about it in the comments!