It’s probably no surprise that my favorite bar in Warsaw is a smaller place owned by some of my friends. Miasto Gadajacych Głów, or City of Talking Heads, is a “Dada cafe” featuring low lighting, good music, cheap libations, interesting and ironic decor, and great people. The crowd here featured a lot of young Polish folks, with a light smattering of expats and the occasional tourists. Unlike some more well-known spots, no one is going to speak English to you until you make it well know that you aren’t Polish, and even then they might forget and switch back. That being said, this is a boisterous and friendly group that loves to chat up new people and get foreigners drunk the Polish way.

Come here on a random night and you can enjoy actually being able to hear the people you’re with, perhaps sitting at a table, and bantering with the bartenders and some of the regular patrons. But Miasto also has some planned events: everything from a jam session with the owners to ironic theme parties such as “Grill” when quite literally burgers were prepared  on a grill by men in Hawaiian print shirts and shorts out in front of the bar in the snow. My favorite party was a large New Year’s Eve bash, where I spent the night behind the bar serving up drinks and surprising people by speaking English. Downstairs from the main bar is additional seating which can quickly be  and is often converted to a dance floor for bigger parties.

All photos by: Tomasz Byckowicz

Miasto Gadajacych Głów is located at:

ul. Chmielna 98 / 9

00-801 Warsaw, Poland

There is also a new location in Krakow, which I have yet to visit:

Wielopole 11, 31-072 Cracow, Poland
51 452 30 60

post by Jackie Clark