There are lots of reasons to visit a city – you could be seeing an old friend, maybe you have a job interview, you heard there is some great shopping to be done or you simply want a change of scenery from your hometown. Or maybe you could have a craving for a particular type of ice cream (anyone who’s had gelato in Italy will know what I mean)….

When I was recently asked to come to Hamburg (which after all is only a 90-minute train ride away from Berlin) to witness the opening of the Magnum Infinity Lounge, hang out with blogger buddies Katharina, Lisa and Jessie and dine like a royal on a meal cooked by star chef Tim Raue, I couldn’t help but jump at the chance.

And besides, the perks did not end there. I finally got to stay at the 25hours Hotel in Hamburg Hafencity which I had been reading great reviews about and was even more pleased with when I got to see it for myself. This hotel alone might be worth a visit to the North of Germany. The design is playful and cool, there are big and small things to discover everywhere, the staff is ultra friendly (i was asked within 5 minutes of checking in if i would like a late check out!) and the breakfast is one of a kind.

I’ve been to Hamburg before but never had the time to actually stroll around and see stuff like the harbour area with the little “Türmchenhaus” (house of little towers) which looks like a castle from a fairytale or the many other gorgeous buildings all throughout the city. I think it’s safe to say that Hamburg is actually more quite a bit more beautiful than Berlin (but that’s OK, because Berlin’s still cooler).

Total must do in any city that comes with a river but especially in Hamburg: a boat tour. Frankly, I didn’t do one because boat tours are boring when you have no one to go with but it’s on my to-do list for my next visit.

But back to the actual star of this post – the Magnum Infinity Lounge where you can pick your preferred type of ice-cream, your chocolate (dark, milk, white) and a whole lot of toppings including some more exotic options such as chili or poppy seeds.

I had a go at it: check out my maracuja and cracking powder, smarties, strawberry crisps, pistacchios and white chocolate Magnum ice cream:

The Magnum Infinity Lounge is only around until July 28th, so hurry there fast if you’re anywhere near Hamburg before that date. If not, you can still stroll around like I did and maybe finish your day with a glass of Hugo at Golem, Goldener Pudel or the outside tables of Heimat, the bar and cafe that belongs to the 25 Hours hotel.

(please note the latest trends in nail polish)