It feels weird being back in Barcelona after not beeing here for over 2 years. But once I had come to grips with how much I had missed this city, I also started realizing, once again, how travelling really is the best way to meet interesting people – and in Barcelona, that’s a given. At the hostel I stayed at, I shared a room with Viktoriya, 26 from Moscow, who is travelling around Europe with her friend Rimma, visiting Rome, Barcelona and Prague.


Travelettes: tell us about your trip so far

Actually I am in Barcelona for the third time this year, because I really love this city, its people and culture (only food is a bit of a tricky subject because I am a vegetarian). For the past two or three years I’ve been wanting to visit Rome to see the Colosseum and the Vatican. When a few weeks ago we found cheap airline tickets from Moskow to Rome with stops in Barcelona and Prague we knew this was going to be one hell of a ride!

Travelettes: when did you start traveling and what does traveling mean to you?

I started to travel after finishing my studies in 2006. I’ve done a lot of traveling throughout Russia to cities like Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk or Tomsk. My first trip abroad was to Ukraine, Sebastopol. Such trips are very cheap, because you can rent a room for less than 10$ per day. It’s beautiful to have the Black Sea, the sun and the beaches right outside your doorstep. What I love most about traveling are all the new impressions you’re getting. It’s giving you a whole new perspective on things, compared to what books can tell you or the stuff you see on TV.

Travelettes: What did you expect coming to Barcelona in particular?

When I came to Barcelona for the first time this spring it was like a different world to me. In the metro nobody pushes you, everything is slow and quiet, people are very relaxed here. Maybe It’s got to do with people being a bit lazy here as well but after crazyness of Moscow this was just what the doctor ordered. I also enjoy the huge variety of people here. Nationalities and cultures from all over the world come together in Barcelona. It’s a very specialy mix that gives this town an irrisistible vibe that keeps me coming back.

Travelettes: What do you recommend our readers travelling to Barcelona or Rome?

  • get acquainted with guides, maps and internet before you visit either city
  • Don’t forgert to take a camera with you. Back home you’ll be glad to have photos to look at from the journey. Especially in Rome there are some great photos to be taken
  • Take the bitter pill and get up EARLY to visit the Vatican (7:30 a.m is good). It’s worth it as you will avoid spending your time standing in the HUGE line!
  • Visit Barcelona during the summer: beach, beach, beach and parties!

Travelettes: What do you expect of Prague?

I have mixed feelings about Prague. The Czech Rebublic used to belong to the USSR so I wonder what is left of the communism of those days. On the other hand a lot of people tell me that Prague is a very European city, so I am excited to see how that translates.

Travelettes: Where do you see yourself in the future?

Now that I am travelling more and more I am thinking a lot about studying or working abroad for a while. I really feel that such an experience would be very useful in the future. I’d like to meet interesting people and learn new languages. That’s the plan I am working on.


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