On my recent road trip through the US, I took advantage of various means of transportation inlcuding planes, buses and cars. The reason why traveling by car was my favorite is because you are free to stop along the roadside as much as you like. When you see somehting, you stop or you turn around. You get out, marvle, take photos, get back in the car and hit the road again. The little stops my friend Anthony and I took during our 1-week road trip from Austin to Las Vegas introduced us to a variety of places that were so unreal, they appeared to be straight out of a movie. There were so many of them that I’m making a little series on the things we saw on the road.

This first selection of shots are random images from things we saw while riding on the M10, the highway that connects Austin to Los Angeles. Except for the cows, we saw those outside the meteor crater next to Flagstaff, one of the closer towns to the Grand Canyon National Park (more on my Grand Canyon adventure soon). They almost made up for the fact that the meteor crater was already closed by the time we got there.

IMG_4199 IMG_4351 IMG_4357 IMG_4258 IMG_4359 IMG_4265 IMG_4367IMG_4355IMG_4197 IMG_4201 IMG_4241 IMG_4192IMG_4235 IMG_4239 IMG_4245 IMG_4218 IMG_4243 IMG_4237