Her facebook page reads “I am underwater photographer based in The Bahamas” and had I not already been familiar with the work of Elena Kalis I think I might hate her just from this statement alone – jealousy is a horrible thing! However my case of location envy is soon replaced by the sheer awe Elena inspires with her work. Quite simply, her photographs are kickass!

Elena specialises in conceptual underwater digital photography shooting the majority of her work with a Canon 5D II with underwater housing and a 28 or 50mm lens. Having long been lovers of underwater photography here at Travelettes HQ (see here and here) its amazing to come across a photographer who injects such a unique and magical style into her water adventures and her photos make me want to jump in a pool and experiment further myself with this art.

She shoots her work in many different locations in and out of swimming pools and the ocean around her Bahaman home and her models are either the manta rays she comes across on her regular swims or her children and friends (her daughter is the main subject in her most well-known series Alice in Waterland visible below). However its not just as simple as grabbing your camera and heading for the ocean as she also has to take all the equipments for SCUBA diving, heavy weights to sink you down, masks, flippers etc whilst simulaneously being prepared for the uncontrollable variables in the ocean.

When speaking about her major inspiration in life it comes as no surprise that water plays a big role. The ocean, Elena says, “is vast and multifaceted. One day it is bright, sunny and fun. Yet there is another side which is darkness, unconsciousness, death.

Take a look at some of her incredible work and be transported to another dimension:

The last 3 photographs have been taken from her incredible Alice in Waterland series, inspired unsurprisingly by her favourite childhood book. The whole collection is incredible and very unique so to see more of these take a look at her portfolios here, here and here.

Finally, if the underwater photography skills of Elena haven’t left you dreaming then her film Underwater Carousel will certainly leave you longing for a mermaid tail of your very own..