Berlin, 11. of April, Skype chat with Katja:

Katja: Hey Nina, want to go on a press trip to Norway?
Me: Is the earth round?

I had never been to Scandinavia before, so going on this trip was a no brainer. Being able to get away from work for a few days was a nice added bonus. Not only was this my first trip to Norway, it also was the first time I ever had a proper timetable to a trip I was on, something I was curious about and confident that I would be shown everything there was to see. The programm set up by the guys over at Visit Norway promised a visit to the Trondheim Jazz festival, a fishing tour and various fancy dinners…

3 weeks later there I was, sitting on a plane to Trondheim, the heart of a region called Trøndelag, located in central Norway. Arriving at the airport, the first shriek of a seagull instantly let me know that I would like it here – any place with seagulls around makes me happy.

We were a small group of 6 journalists from all categories of journalism and age. Staying at only the most exquisite hotels in different areas of Trøndelag, we went fishing, saw whales, met inspiring people, saw stunning landscapes, ate delicious food, went to museums, mines and historical buildings and to a concert at the Jazz Festival in Trondheim. Best of Norway in 5 days! Sounds exhausting, you think? It was, but the kind where you fall backards on your (5-star-hotel) bed with rosy cheeks and a head full of great new impressions.

I will, however, leave the details for later and for now, just share some of the first pictures I took of my flight, Trondheim and the island Hitra. I think they speak for themselves.

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