If you’ve been going through life thinking that camping was boring, you probably have never heard of tree camping.

Wait, what? A tent in a tree? Yup, that’s right. This up and coming way to enjoy the outdoors is not for everyone, certainly not for people with a fear of heights, but quite possibly great for those with a fear of bears (while bears can climb trunks of trees, they are not likely to sneak into your tent that’s hanging from a branch).

This unusual way of camping is mostly found on offer by adventure holiday providers, as a childfriendly, not too far from the ground version. Provided by by this Dutch and this German company for example.

Depending on your front lawn, this might also work as a fantastic alternative to a tree house:

Probably our favorite tree tent is the one designed by Dutch designer Dré Warpenaar whose initial idea was to create a habitat for activists fighting to preserve trees and forests. However, the invention caught on fast with camping lovers the world over, who enjoy being swayed to sleep.

Another alternative, seeming a bit less scary to me is the treepee. Also a tent hanging from a tree, but which is additionally secured to the ground, if you don’t like the swaying. The makers of this treepee do not recommend hanging it higher than 50cm above ground, though.

And what’s the best part of tree camping? The view….

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