Show me your suitcase and I tell you who you are. There’s a lot that can be done wrong when travelling. Outfits should be thought through. Suitcase colours matching the colour of your skirt; perfect! You never know who will pass your way, or even sit next to you in an airplane. (Last example seems to NEVER occur. It’s probably all made up for those cheesy love romance 2,00€ books. I always get the fat stinky guy or the nervous type, who needs to run for the toilet every 10 minutes.) But back to “the right” travel outfit.


Paolo Roversi, fashion photographer took a slightly different attempt. Don’t always go for the obvious, try it “granny style”. I especially love the mixture of American Apparel bags and old leather cosmetic suitcases. Comfortable boots and a headscarf… voila done. Ready for Mr. Right at the Check in, or rather keep it as an fashion editorial?!


Paolo Roversi for POP magazine // Jessica Stam und Lily Cole

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