‘Tipping Barrels’ is a a documentary which uniquely combines surfing and environmental journalism, following surfers Arran and Reid Jackson on a trip into the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest, where they learn more about the region and the issues confronting it.”, says the description of this documentary.
And what does it teach us?

Tipping Barrels Screenshot
Tipping Barrels Screenshot

In a cooperation with PacificWild, a non-profit conservation organization, Ben Gulliver created a great film about environmental protection in the lands and waters of the Great Bear Rainforest.
Including personal stories, the fun of surfing and stunning shots of the fast landscapes of British Columbia, he not only catches the eye of his audience but also makes them taste the moist air under the great trees of the wild forest.

You can travel far and long without even scratching the surface of the world around you. Or you can go deep and take a closer look on what happens around you, what makes this place worth visiting and bring back a new point of view to your home.
Tipping Barrels screenshot

Tipping Barrels Screenshot
Tipping Barrels Screenshot

We travel because through changing our surroundings we also change our selves and not only gain insight in different cultures but our own ways we follow.
This documentary connects all these things.
ENJOY- LEARN-CARE and SHARE your experience!

Tipping Barrels Screenshot

“Tipping Barrels was directed by Ben Gulliver and produced by Rene Gauthier and Michael Reid.
If you want to help protecting the Great Bear Rainforest visit www.pacificwild.org

all pictures taken from “Tipping the Barrels