Earlier this month I introduced you to our first traveling couple, Clo and Clem, and told you about their off-the-beaten-track adventures. To continue this series of travel, love and blogging, meet Michael and Alex – and fall in love yourself.

The picture perfect all-American duo

I found Michael and Alex as I was scrolling down through my Instagram feed lately and was intrigued by their recent popularity. With over eleven thousand followers, Alex’s page alone is a success, especially considering the fact that the couple just recently started blogging about their adventures abroad.

“We decided to create our own platform to inspire others to go on adventures and travel. To show people that if you are willing to take a risk, even with very little savings or planning, anything is possible!” explains Alex.


After two years of dating, numerous weekends filled with hikes and music festivals, the couple decided it was time to quit their job in sunny California and take their journeys to a whole other level. Their trip started at the beginning of the summer, when they boarded one-way flights to Italy – and their blog changed its direction accordingly. On Couples Coordinates, we can not only find great advice on activities around the golden state, we can now also enjoy Alex and Michael’s insight on how to travel South of France on a budget or where to find the best ice-cream in Florence, Italy.

Their blog mixes their passion for fitness and travel, another way of differentiating themselves and keeping things original. I ask them how they keep fit and healthy, especially now that they settled in the Kingdom of pizza and pasta.

“Keeping up with a steady fitness routine can be extremely challenging while you’re traveling. We are both very active people so we are constantly hiking, swimming, and doing yoga together whenever and wherever possible. It doesn’t matter where we are in the world we are always doing something active. We try to choose healthy options when eating out, especially since we LOVE to eat! But I do believe that life is about balance and would be no fun without indulging in some pizza and gelato every now and then.”


Not only are they currently enjoying Europe’s most beautiful spots and delicious food, Alex and Michael look great which also probably helps their digital success. But behind their picture-perfect journey, the couple recognizes that not everything goes as planned during a trip abroad. And being together when misfortunes happen is probably the biggest advantage of traveling as a couple.

“In difficult times, it’s really nice to have someone to constantly lift you up no matter what. We always try to make the each other laugh when things are hard or something unexpected happens. For example, we were visiting Cinque Terre during our first week in Italy and got stuck in Pisa on our way home. We ended up taking a cab back to Florence with 4 random strangers after hours of standing around trying to figure out where we would sleep that night. I was so glad that I had Michael with me to figure all of that out!” explains Alex.

My last question to her is: how did she know that Michael was the right travel partner? “We both love travel and had done some trips out of the country without one another before so we just knew we would have a blast together. I mean, who doesn’t want to travel the world with their best friend?”


You can follow Michael and Alex on their blog, Alex’s Instagram and Michael’s Instagram.


This post was written by Elisa Fourt.
Elisa Fourt was part of the Travelettes team from 2015 to 2017.  Elisa usually describes herself as a world citizen. She has lived, studied, worked and traveled in more than 60 countries throughout her life and she loves to share her passion for the world with others. When she is not planning her next trip or writing about the last one, Elisa likes to help people in need and get involved in various not-for-profit projects. She currently works for a NGO in the Middle-East. Follow her on Instagram @lisou.me