Summer is on its way and while that brings along long breezy evenings, unlimited ice cream cones, and a smaller electricity bill, it also means the somewhat dreaded bikini season is almost upon us. That is of course if you live in the northern hemisphere. Mind you, you girls in the south seem to live in bikinis all year round so you should be used to it! For us coming out of winter it means gathering courage before we dare the look into a badly lit mirror.

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If we are to believe everything we read there are about 73 things we should eat, 123 we shouldn’t, 58 ways to lose fat, 17 ways to gain muscle all in order to make that look in the mirror more bearable. This post won’t add to this list because we at Travelettes believe that there is perfect swimwear for every body. I have started a little survey amongst us girls and gathered some of the prettiest styles for sun goddesses, mermaids and surfer babes to catch rays, waves and admiring looks alike. And with all these choices the real question is not which one will fit you, but how many will fit in your luggage come your next trip…

Shore thing

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Staying out of the water and on shore? For that perfect golden tan, my personal beach favorite is a strapless bikini. I am slightly obsessed with the Mara Hoffman version, but also really adore the Seafolly print. And how can you not love anything named Avatar? I’d like them all please!

Back to the Eighties

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Admittedly I haven’t dared to put one of those on, oh, but one day I will… If you want the longest legs a swimsuit can give, head back to the 80s where less was definitely more. For the most exposure check out Cantik’s awesome Byron one-pieces, zip it up with Adidas or show off those legs in color that should be named fierce coral.

Golden hour

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Golden hour, golden era – especially Alex and Marie are fans of high-waisted retro bikinis. Perfect attire for that sunset cocktail on and off shore and of course for yachting. Get your tropics on with the ASOS banana leaf print or feel like an English rose in Marc by Marc Jacobs. If you rather want full flower power I like Rue107’s version with wrap top.

The surf’s up

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You like to be active and look good on board? Then suit up, because since Giselle wore it for Chanel, we all know that protective gear can be sexy too. MYMARINI, a small German label, makes the chicest sporty one-pieces I have seen in a while. If you prefer a complete rash guard check Cynthia Rowley and Billabong for the most fun options.

Funny business

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Show your sense of humor with these fun pieces. No need for anybody to know that you always wanted a Barbie swimsuit, now you just wear it ironically of course. Turn Supermouse into Wonderwoman and let your inner cat lady shine.

One direction

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Want a one-piece, but are not ready to bear it all in an 80s style swimsuit? Katka swears on monokinis to get curves in all the right places and let the be demurely covered. Norma Kamali signature black piece must be the mother of monokinis, but if you prefer something with some more frills check Pour Moi or Topshop for a fun print.


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Last, but not least – our classic favorite that makes us reminisce the last trip to South East Asia: the triangle bikini. Preferably with ties for the bottom, so nobody will ever notice if you had one banana pancake or two, says Travelette Sophie. Get an original neoprene triangle from Triangl, a patterned two-piece by O’Neill or a classic monochrome Malia Mills to look good even when worn without a pancake in hand.

Still haven’t found what you are looking for? Kathi swears by going to a proper lingerie/swimwear store to get help and find the perfect fit. “Once you walk out with this perfectly fitting bikini, you know what all the touching and grabbing during the fitting was for.”

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In case you prefer to do the touching and grabbing yourself, I suggest you get a measuring tape out and head over to the Kini Swimwear website. Here you can design your own bikini: chose a basic shape, put different tops and bottoms together, find your perfect color or pattern and add details. After playing online dress up, click to order and wait for your very own design to arrive.

If you are still dreading the look in the mirror now, just remember Frankie’s rule how to get a bikini bottom:

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Chanel N°5 still taken from video.

This post was written by Annika Ziehen who was a Travelette until 2019. Originally from Germany, Annika has lived in New York and Cape Town and now travels the world full time. She considers herself a very hungry mermaid and writes about her adventures, scuba diving and food on her blog The Midnight Blue Elephant. You can also find her on Instagram here!