What is it about certain holidays that draws us closer? Why do the bonds we create when we’re away from home feel so much stronger, so much quicker? How can just a few days make a group of strangers feel like they’ve known each other for years?

It’s the good times. Exploring and finding treasures. Jumping into crystal clear water. Dancing till we drop. Photo-bombing everyone. Failing at high-fives and laughing about it.

It’s the bad times. Enduring the seasickness. Seeing plans change. Accepting the uncertainty. Not knowing when we will see land next.

When we travel as a group, we find ourselves in the same boat — and, during our week sailing in Croatia, quite literally so. The moments we share are made much more intense by the nervous excitement of finding ourselves in an unfamiliar environment, the lack of sleep, the constant changes of plans, and the knowledge that our time away together is limited.

The week I spent in Croatia with the Travelettes team was sly: for the first half, it felt like it was going to last a month; and for the second half, it went away in the blink of an eye. It was hectic. It was wild.

When I got off the boat, the world kept rocking for several days. I felt jet-lagged although no time zones were crossed. The days, the islands, the events blended together in my head. Ten days after, I still feel a bit shaken. What the hell just happened?

Whatever it was, hell, I miss it. Violently.

Luckily, beautiful memories are not the only thing that’s left – there is also this little video…

Video by Marie Colinet
The Travelettes travelled to Croatia on courtesy of Sailing.hr.

mariecolinettravelettes Marie Colinet was part of the Travelettes team from 2013 to 2015. Originally from Toulouse, France, two years lived in Australia left her speaking English with an awkward Fraussie accent. In September 2015, Marie is starting the epic 6-month-or-who-knows-how-long road-trip along the Panamerican Highway that she’s been dreaming of since her teenage years — all the way from the U.S. to the very tip of South-America. You can follow her on Instagram @mariecolinet!