A while ago, the travelettes asked you to answer some of our most burning questions in a survey. We wondered about your best and worst travel experiences, about failures and mishaps as well as the time when you laughed and loved on the road. Many of you told us about wonderful travel experiences, but some also missed your flights, were robbed and one poor girl even broke her back! Here is small selection of what can go wrong when traveling abroad….


”I fainted while doing yoga at the beach, then I had my iPod, camera and cell phone swept away by a giant wave at Byron Bay. When I checked my balance I realized I only had 200 dollars left, and had to call my parents to bail me out. When I went out and got drunk after this hard day I ended up forgetting my favourite sweater at the bar.”

”Lost the recharging cable for my cell phone, my laptop and camera was stolen, I spent 5 hours at the police station and ended up throwing up INSIDE the fucking club.”

”Missed my bus in India, then I got lost in Mumbai and couldn’t find my friends in the evening.”

”Next to getting robbed we got kicked out of the hotel because we were partying too hard..”

”Totally failed at lessons at school, had a fight with my best friend, failed at singing lessons and ended up having a huge fight with my mom.”

”Well, long story short involves loosing all my cash, a horrible sunburn, a near to death experience and a ’city tour’ with the police..”

”The bus ride that was supposed to last for 11 hours had a sudden break after one hour, and for no apparent reason except from making us spend the night in the only hotel in the middle of nowhere, China! We ended up sleeping under open sky in a local café instead, cause we were too annoyed.”

”I was totally set out by a fly, missed my transport, lost the place I was supposed to stay and finally had an allergic reaction to the medicine.”


My own worst travelling day, or rather the consequences of that day, was the time I literally fell for a guy. I was in Salamanca (Spain), a few years ago, as the drunk charming guy I was flirting with got the splendid idea that I should jump up on his back, I wasn’t hard too convince.. I literally fell for the guy, and a couple of minutes later we both had a bloody meeting with the asphalt. I got an infection in my wound and a concussion, and for the next three weeks I really got to know the south-European health service with my daily visits to clean up the wound. At least I can say that I fell for someone, and that it scarred me for life..

Take care.


Kathrine Opshaug Bakke Kathrine Opshaug Bakke, editor at Travelettes from 2009 to 2013, wrote this post. Originating from Norway, she has been living in Berlin, Lisbon, and Stockholm the past 6 years.

She loves cities with imperfect facades, photography, traveling by bike, vintage hunting, and everything that comes with cheese. Follow her visual diary at anchoredpaperplane.com.