We knew Solange Knowles was a true fashionista but what we didn’t knew was: she’s also a real travelette! We found that out after reading about her on Garance Dore where she mentions her pretty fabulous tumblr, appropriately called MyDamnBlog. On there she posts photos from her many travels around the world, more often than not stepping in front of the camera herself in outlandishly cool outfits. Turns out Solange is even more stylish than her famous sister! She goes on many travels and takes readers along for the ride, sharing a colorful glimpse into her world. About her recent trip to Rwanda she wrote: “I left a piece of my heart in Rwanda” – and that really shows in every single photo.

Her blog is really unlike any we’ve seen before, with Solange putting her unique handwriting on every image she chooses to upload. Many of her pictures tend to have a nostalgic vintage feel to them which not only goes along perfectly with the singer’s own style but also making them timeless. It’s hard to believe these shots were not taken some 30 years ago…

Last summer she spent a month in Paris with her boyfriend Julez and her son Alan. Here’s what she said about it: “I have spent much time there over the years… But not ever until I really ‘immersed’ myself there, did I really fall deeply in love with the city. I will always remember the simple pleasures of our everyday living. Going in the morning for bread, hanging laundry on the clothes line in the shower, Julez negotiating the cost of getting my hair braided by locals, (his French saved us in many instances such as these), buying the french bootleg “Cars 2″ DVD in the Metro Station…(Only to arrive home to the Cars 2 Blank Version). We rented a small charming apartment in the 10th.. And ate and drank our way through beautiful memorable days.”

We’re so impressed with Solange’s fine sense of je ne sais quoi in the way she curates her tumblr, we kind of feel like going to a whole exhibition put on by her. I could look at those photos all day….

Apart from the images of her travels Solange also likes to pose and present a bunch of different outfits on her blog, a lot of which are really great inspiration for my next travel wardrobe. I adore these shots below but simply cannot decide on a favorite. Can you?

Check out her damn blog and follow her on twitter @SolangeKnowles to follow her on her travels.

We love you Solange!