Taking a ride in a hot air balloon is about as romantic as it can get and who among us doesn’t love a little romance? Perhaps your ultimate “travel bucket list” experience is taking a balloon ride over Tuscany while having a champagne breakfast? Certainly swoon-worthy, but imagine being able to ride in a hot air balloon that carries you all the way to the stars! Thanks to Zero2Infinity, you’ll soon be able to take a near-space flight in a specially designed hot air balloon known simply as a “Bloon”.

Not quite space but pretty darn close, this four hour sub-orbital journey will take you 36 kilometers high and just beyond the earth’s atmosphere.

You think “How incredible. Can I book my seat now?”

Well, yes you can … for a whopping 110,000 Euros or $156,000 USD! Quite akin to having a religious experience, the high price tag may make the trip worthwhile for those who can afford it.

Think of seeing your first brightly colored dawn staring out a giant window and taking in a star filled field of view that spans from Paris to Rome, all the while you’re eating breakfast. You’d then take some time to experience zero-gravity (available at an extra cost) where you’d have the ability to actually float through the air.

Earth From Space

Your experience also includes a training day where you’ll receive a scientific briefing and learn about safety protocols, a soothing massage after the “hard day’s work”, a stay in high-end resort and a video documenting your entire flight.

Although it’s possible to book your seat on one of these flights now, you won’t actually be able to make the journey until sometime between 2013 -2015.

But hold your tears. You can keep tabs on the company’s exciting advances and watch videos featuring their flight test and altitude progress.

You know the “Bloon” ride is worth the wait but you want to experience zero gravity right now?

Lucky for you, Zero G Corporation offers you the chance to take a flight on their all powerful G-Force 1. For just 3,493 Euros or $4,950 USD, you can float through the air and experience life like a child  again by playing games with the other passengers. You can even book your own weightless wedding!

For the more serious types who are willing to wait, Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic endeavour will allow regular people who are not trained astronauts, to take a real flight into space.  At 141,184 Euros or $200,000 USD, not only will you get to take part in what they promise to be a life altering experience, you also get to hang out with the man himself at his private game reserve in South Africa and his Caribbean Island home. Fancy!

Despite the steep price, over 420 “astronauts” have booked their place in history. What are you waiting for?

*post written by Cheryl Howard.