What is a legendary road trip without the right music?

Flicking through my I-Pod, there are heaps of songs that remind me of great moments and great places. Below, find my top 10 of favourite travel songs:

1. Moby – Porcelain

…Driving alone with my 4WD at the endless Cable Beach in Broome, Australia (God, I miss that car!!!)


2. KT Tunstall – Other side of the world

…Strolling along the River Thames on London while thinking of my boyfriend at the time, who was travelling around Canada 🙁

3. Adele – Hometown Glory

Everytime I feel a tiny little bit of homesickness, this song makes it even worse! But still, it’s SO beautiful!

4. Heather Nova – Virus of the mind

… and now the perfect song to get over my homesickness and enjoy my own free time again!


5. Alicia Keys – Empire State Of Mind

This song was released when I went to NYC last year. It reminds me of intense shopping experiences and the countless blisters I had afterwards… I actually prefer the solo-version of Alicia Keys.

6. Frank Turner – The Road

Thanks to Mr. Turner and this ultimate travel song, I quit Uni at the end of last year to hit the road again! So be cautious, this song will immediatly awake your wanderlust!


7. Paolo Nutini – New Shoes

The perfect song to start the day in an unknown place with running!

8. Natasha Bedingfield – Unwritten

Have you ever wondered if you should completely change your life, quit your job, sell all your stuff and just try something new? That’s what this song to me is about.

9. Newton Faulkner – Dream Catch Me

There will be moments during your trip when absolutely everything feels right and perfect and you are just beaming with joy. In those rare situations in life, listen to this song and just enjoy the present moment!


10. Florence and the Machine – You’ve got the love

This song is made for big cities! I actually listen to it everytime when I drive around my hometown Berlin, watching people passing me by…

Ladies, now it’s your turn: What are your favourite travel songs? I need to top up my I-Pod library before my next trip!!!