This is a quick and yummy instruction to travel baking. There are plenty of people who claim that their cake is the best, but with one bite of this one you will be flabbergasted. It is a rich moist travel cake with lots of different flavours able to let your tastebuds run wild!  There simply is no cake quite like it in the world, so try it and you will take off.

Photos via The New York Times (Christoph Niemann)

Ingredients for 1 Travel Cake:

For the frosting

1 Backpack

For the filling
2kg of clothes (doesn’t necessarily be a brand product)
200g of inspirational books
1 piece of passport
1 handful of smiles
1 pair of high heels
1 bundle of make-up (Eyeliner, Make-up, Mascara, Lipstick)
a decent functional camera
2 cups of adventure
a pinch of home


palm trees, beaches, rainforests, colonial, urban, landscape style

1st step:
When buying the backpack for the frosting you should pay attention that it is robust and durable. Next, preheat your mind to 35°C (sunshine mode).

2nd step: Mix paste for the filling
First stir together all clothing, then add the remaining ingredients and mix them to a smooth paste in order to fit everything into the backpack. Assure that everything is as small as possible so little room for air is left. The process is a bit tricky, but don’t worry, you will manage to fit in everything.

3rd step: Baking
Now it is time to get ready- before putting the cake in the oven- make sure you have added all the essentials- double-check if the passport has been added, as the cake won’t change its form otherwise. Don’t worry if the batter gets shaken up a bit, compared to other baking technologies, such as microwaves, the oven represents the safest option. If the cake is ready, the result is stunning- depending on the decoration you added (tropical, beach, rainforest, colonial, urban, landscape) you will experience a totally different flavour. Now it is time to enjoy the cake and share it with many friends.


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