Next week, I will be visiting London for the first time in 10 years. London being the motherland of shopping, nightlife and culture, I felt it was important to make a precise plan of action to maximally use the little time i have there. City trips usually are short, so careful research and a tight “japanese-style” schedule are a must, for me personally.

And here some valuable points in Nina’s school of PPCMB (Planning the Perfect City Mini-Break):

  • Divide everything I want to do into categories (shopping, nightlife, must-see)
  • Go through blogs and websites (such as the unlike network or leCool for events and nightlife, different fashion blogs like leblogdebetty or lesmads for shopping tips and tourist information pages like visit london or indieLONDON for everything else)
  • Ask London insiders through my blog or facebook for their insider tipps
  • Check out the Lonely Planet London
  • And of course talk with my fellow Travelettes

For advanced Travelettes:

  • Classify everything into city districts or special days (like some market or exhibit which is only one day a week) or even both.

A good help is also the moleskine city notebook, but since I am a poor girl I just own the ones for Barcelona and Berlin and I needed to improvise.


What are your favourite places in London?

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