Hey travelettes,

we would like to share a few links with you we have come across last week and think you should check out:

http://nowheremag.com/ is a wonderful magazine with a whole new take on traveling. Or as the authors put it: There’s no reason for this journal. No hidden agenda here. Nowhere is a place between places, an imagined depot for stories from the road.

For all those who enjoyed David Lynch’s Straight Story as much as I have, it’s worth checking out http://interviewproject.davidlynch.com/ Here, the maestro travels 20.000 miles around the US over 70 days to interview randomly selected strangers.

If you are an artist and are looking to go abroad for a little while hoping to do some work there, it’s worth checking out transartists.nl, a website where artists can find or offer workspace exchanges, learn about international artist calls or meet other artists.

I’m pretty sure that most people are familiar with craigslist.org, but for al those you have not come across it, craigs list is the opne and only most useful website when looking for a place to live, a job, friends, lovers, babysitters, bikes etc. While in the US it is especially established, there are craigslists for most countries now, just that they’re not quite as frequented as the US ones.

A great gem for all photography lovers can be found here, where the national geographic called out a contest for the best travel photos. There are some amazing shots to be seen.

This is it for this week. Fell free to email us with any interesting links you think we should check out.

Happy travels,



photo by Kent Miller

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