1. I had to rub my eyes for a minute or 2 when I read this article by the lost girls on cruises for less than $1000. The  cheapest being as low as $200 leaving from Salerno, Italy, heading to La Goulette, Palma de Mallorca, Toulop, and Genoa. Sweet Deal!

2. For those who want to spend even less than that to spend a few days on the water, read up on Seth Kugel’s trip on the Amazon river. The NY Times Frugal Traveler only spent $17 a day, which bought him river time and 3 meals a day, but no bed to sleep in. Maybe some of you remember an article I once wrote about doing that Jungle cruise. This is a photo of me on that same boat, Seth Kugel stayed on:


myself tanning on board of the boat from Manaus to Belem, Brazil

3.We love to read stories about people volunteering, so we really enjoyed this story about a 25-year-old Jordan Wetzman from Baltimore who went volunteering in Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and finally Swaziland in Africa on a particular program to combine both global travel and  helping those in need. Nice photos here, too.

4. Another fantastic photo series on 2010’s greatest adventurers was up on National Geographic’s website this week, with a very hot David de Rothchild who sailed from San Francisco to Sydney on a boat made of 12.000 recycled bottles or Jessica Watson, who we wrote about a little while ago, youngest to ever sail around the globe non-stop without assitsance.


hottest sailer on the pacific ocean – David de Rothchild (photo by Plastiki)

5. The lost girls (we featured them recently as omne of our inspirations) wrote an article on 10 things they recommend for young women who are looking to go backpacking, a great read for those who are still unsure about going off to backpack for longer.

6. Very entertaining but for the most part too wild to put into action is Chrystal Gubanches list of 14 things to do while stuck at the airport. Although, it would be fun to reinact Shakespeare with airport staff and fellow travelers alike or to yell that you have to drop a bomb (right befor eheading to the bathroom).

7. If you’re now thinking that you should be booking a plane somewhere fast, if only to take the chance to be stuck at the airport, why not have a read through Lonely Planet’s selection of 10 of the most hedonistic city breaks. Forget relaxing. Culture? Pah! You want to party all night and all day, these cities have what you need.

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