Guten Tag Travelettes,

Given the fact that I am German and love my country and also love travelling around my country, this weeks travel links are all about Germany. Well, almost.

Whether you’re learning German or are just curious and want to know more about the country, check out GermanHeit. Blog owner Babsi gives you an insight on the German language and culture by posting short grammar lessons, vocabulary, recipes, fun stories and German media. She also wrote a very useful post on the differences between german train types.

For the ones who aren’t tired of language classes just yet, here is a Bavarian-English online dictionary.

And if you want to become one of us, you need to check out “Ich werde ein Berliner” before (and no, I’m not talking of jelly donuts here. I mean the real Berliners, the citizen of Berlin!). This blog provides some guidelines on how to become a real Berliner (once again, my dear Travelettes, not the jelly donut!). All these guidelines can easily be applied for the whole of Germany.

Since the city of Essen became European Capital of Culture this year, there is a lot going on around the Ruhr Area these days. Check out the “Ruhr 2010” website for more information about the programme and events, such as concerts and exhibitions.

As I said before, this post is almost all about Germany. Because here is a pretty useful site for all of you girls travelling europe capitals. Spotted by Locals is a series of travel blogs which collects hotspots in citys such as Amsterdam, London, Paris, of course Berlin and many more places, recommended by the city inhabitants.

Bis bald! (I’m gonna have some jelly donuts now!)


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