Today’s recommended links of the week are all about making your traveling life easier. If you’ve enjoyed our recent article on finding cheap flights, also check this Frequent Flyer’s Guide to Finding Cheap Airfare found on Lifehacker to extend and perfect your skills on getting your hands on that dirt-cheap ticket. A list of low-cost airlines can also be found here.

If you hang out on twitter as much as we do, you’ve probably realised by now that there is not only follow-friday, but also travel tuesday. This website lists all the tweets with the #travel and the #traveltuesday hashtag.

A pretty important article on how to put your iphone to use when traveling abroad was written by simply jess, which holds some very useful info for all those among us who are iphone addicts (yes, I am one of them) and probably won’t cease to be while traveling.

I loved this article on backpacking at home. It basically suggest you should get to the airport just to catch a bus back into town, stay at a hostel and pretend you are somewhere abroad. A brilliant tip for all those who are longing for a travel experience but are stretched for cash or time to actually go abroad.

Finally, in line with the last link, you can get a glimpse of holiday feel when simply clicking here, with the sound on and your eyes closed. Something I do at least 3 times a day at the moment. Almost as good as a massage by the beach.

werner schnell

photo by Werner Schnell

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