Probably all of you will agree that the world wide web is one of the most alluring places to accidentally get lost in poking around. But spending too much time online doesn’t always mean those minutes were wasted: As addicitive as it is – the internet is also one big pond of inspiration to draw from. During one of these extended virtual fishing trips in search of new wall art, I came across a beautiful compliation of travel-themed postcards which absolutely deserve to be seen and take up a few more minutes of your current online journey.

002_wander-project #1-4: Travis Ladue, Eight Hour Day, Timothy J. Reynolds, Ryan Hamrick

The collection of typographic postcards is the result of an online project in the run-up to an app launch which had asked submissions on “imagining a postcard from everywhere and nowhere at once”. Creatives and illustrators from around the world responded to the call and helped build a stunning collection of travel happy designs. While the project itself has come to an end in the meantime, the 58 postcards are still on display on Facebook.

004_wander-project #5-8: Drew Shannon, Arlo Vance, Richard Perez, Eric Mortensen

What really amazed me is the great variety among the submitted pieces. The collection beautifully combines a lot of different styles and tonalities and after having flipped halfway through the pile, you will certainly start feeling the travel bug bite.

006_wander-project #9-12: Lan Truong, Zac Neulieb, Chris Rushing, Evan Stremke

And as if this wasn’t enough eye candy already, there is some extra icing on the cake for us: Designer Chris Danger obviously was in a traveletty state of mind for one of his illustrations, check out the postcard below!


Cordula Schaefer Cordula Schaefer is a photography enthusiast who loves to venture out to explore new places and hardly ever leaves the house without a camera. A New Yorker at heart, she is especially fond of city trips and has a soft spot for beautiful beachscapes. She currently bases herself in Berlin and keeps the visual documents of her travels at Cordugram.