Every once in a while I get to do something really funky just because I’m a blogger. Sometimes it’s even stuff I never even knew existed and so it happened last week that I got an email from someone inviting me to the experience Sleep Art. For those of you who – like me until that day – are not familiar with that term, let me fill you in.

Sleep Art is an exiting project currently offered by the ibis hotel group in which you are sleeping in a bed that is hooked up to various sensors which record your sounds and movements while you sleep. As you sleep that info is being transmitted to a computer in Paris hooked up to a robot which will then paint a picture based on that info. Sounds complicated? Maybe better have a look at this video that explains it all:

Unfortunately only a very limited amount of people get to do this and no one could buy the experience. For now it’s only been made available to journalists, bloggers and a few lucky winners who joined the competition on facebook. Naturally I was very intrigued to see what my painting would come out as so this past Sunday night I packed my toothbrush and a nightie and took the U-Bahn to Potsdamer Platz.

I had never previously been to an ibis hotel so I was not sure what would expect me. All I knew is that they were a large international group (with 1600 hotels worldwide) which offered accommodation at reasonable prices. Without much in between I checked into room 423. It was a simple room like any other, with a standard TV, desk, bathroom and a double bed with bright white sheets.

I had some work to do so I sat/lay down in my bed and started photo-shopping. It was only about 11 then. Next thing I know is waking up at 7am, my face turned to the night light still switched on, my computer next to me – I had fallen sleep without noticing. I also realised straight away that I could not have moved much with all my equipment lying left and right from me. I pushed it all a bit further to the other side of the bed, turned off the light and decided to sleep a little more and a bit more “freestyle” this time.

The sticker on the bathroom mirrow had informed me that breakfast would be on until 10, so I had no intentions of staying in bed past 9.30. Somehow I must have slept really well since it was already 10.30 by the time I woke up! Sleeping for almost 12 hours is highly unusual for me, even with the alarm off, so ibis must be doing something right with those beds. As I found out later, the ibis group is currently adjusting over 66.000 beds to fit whole new standard called the sweet bed. Different layers of bedding ensure high quality sleep – an unrivalled technology in the area of the economy hotels. Now travelettes-tested an approved.

I admit that the most important thing to a hotel room is a comfortable bed to ensure a great night’s sleep. However, I was somewhat dissapointed with a lack of charm in the room, the odd picture on the wall would have been nice. Ibis should look into buying some travel photos from me to put on their walls (hint?).

Very surprising on the other had was the entrance area of the hotel with designer chairs and lots of color – a very pleasant space to hang out in. Extra bonus points for the free wireless available throughout and decent breakfast (there were still croissants, different bread types, jam and fruit available by the time I checked out).

That was yesterday.

Today I got the email with a scan of my painting. The real thing will be shipped to me in the next couple of days and will find an honorable spot in my bedroom.

Curious to what my sleep looks like? Here it is:

Tataaa! I think it turned out rather beautiful, I doubt that I could have done a better job painting my own sleep. So cheers to the robot who did this and thanks ibis for providing me with such a cool opportunity.