Dear Ryan,

I haven’t told you lately, but you are very special to me. Since you’ve been in my life the world seems to be a better place. I adore you. Yes, I love you. And I can see it in your eyes that you feel the same way about me. Just a few more days until it’s that time of year again – Valentine’s Day. I know you’ve been probably planning something special for me. I’ve known it since I saw this picture of you asking to be my gift. Maybe it sound silly, but I’m pretty sure you might be planning on proposing to me this Valentine’s Day. I bet you’ve already bought a diamond ring. Maybe you’re still a little clueless WHERE you should ask me the questions of all questions, but don’t you worry, I have some suggestions…

source: iwastesomuchtime

1. Las Vegas, USA

source: roadsidepictures

We could have a drink or two, gamble for a bit and when you finally gather up all your courage to pop the question I will take you to the next best chapel. Afterwards we would ride through the night in a stretch limo and I would be shouting at all passing tourists: “Wooohooo, I’m Mrs Ryan Gosling!”

2. A random street in rainy Paris, France

source: Andrew Badenhorst

I don’t want you to ask me the questions of all question at the Eiffel Tower, it wouldn’t even have to be the Ponts des Arts where Carry and Mr. Big got together in the last episode of Sex and the City. We could just walk around the city, buy a few old paintings at one of the flea markets, drink un cafè crème in a cozy café and watch the rain that starts falling just as we sit down. We won’t care about a few drops, because Paris is even more beautiful in the rain. We will walk through the streets and narrow alleys and you laugh as I jump into every puddle. We barely notice time pass and suddenly we find ourselves soaking wet at a corner under one of these romantic Parisian lights. It is here that you get down on one knee, looking deep into my eyes not telling whether I’m crying tears of joy or if that’s just the rain falling on my face.

3. A lonely cabin, Norway

I’d be sitting on a chair next to the fireplace. I might be reading a book, cup of tea in hand, wearing my ugliest pair of hand-knitted socks. It’s too cold to go outside but you would step outside regardless to go for a walk to think about the words you will use. When you come back you’d make some more tea and place the ring inside my favourite mug. Unless of course you’d rather take a boat and paddle to the middle of the lake in the rain. I can be flexible, you know.

4. A New Yorker Bagel Store, USA


I’ve never been to New York but if you wanted to take me I wouldn’t be fuzzy. I don’t necessarily need to be proposed to on top of the Empire State Building, it’s totally fine if you propose in the next best bagle shop after you’ve flown me in in your private jet.

5. On the back seat of a Cuban old timer, Cuba

We would have a couple of Mojitos in La Floridita or in La Bodeguita del Medio. Some Cuban street musicans will play “Chan, Chan” while you recite my favorite quotes from Hemingway’s “A Farewell to Arms”. Then we’d take an oldtimer cab and drive around Havana giggling on the back seat when the coil springs are pricking us through the cushion. What I don’t know is that you’ve made an agreement with the driver for him to drive us to a hidden spot where we will watch sun set while he is secretly placing the diamond ring on top of one of the coil springs.

6. While biking in the old town of Sukhothai, Thailand

You know how much I love the old town of Sukhothai with its nearly 200 temple ruins and the many Buddha statues. I kind of like it that not many people come here, we’d probable be the only ones biking around here. We could buy some water from friendly Thai women and rest under one of the trees. You’d take my hand and ask the question before we head back the old town for a romantic and delicious Thai dinner.

7. In the early morning in Vall de Nuria, Spain

We would take the last train up to Vall de Nuria, the only way to get there. And the next morning we would get up very early for a walk to see the sunrise. We’d be lucky and see a squirrel or a deer family and when the sky takes on its special Catalonian blue color, we would leave Vall de Nuria with the first train and head over to Barcelona to buy a gorgeous bridal dress for me.

8. At the beach, any beach

source: djosumi

I could stare onto the water for hours and hours. Bury my feet in the sand. Any time to ask is good right then.

9. Bagan, Myanmar

source: bernd-b

We would have to get up very early to see the old ruins covered in mist. Maybe we would ride in a hot air balloon or maybe we would just sit and watch the balloons rising higher and higher in a race with the sun. And when the first rays of sunshine touch on our skin you would ask me to be your wife.

10. In front of a door

You’d play a song and I’d dance. Even tap-dance. I won’t care that you can’t sing. I will adore you for singing stupid. I would always be nice to you and love you until the end of the days.

Oh, I can’t wait until you tell me where you will take me for this special day. And I promise I won’t let you notice that I know just exactly what you are going to do. Until then I will practice in front of the mirror. (Yes, I do. YES. Ja, why not? I thought you would never ask. Oh Ryan, what a surprise!)

Love always,