The end is near. According to the Mayan Calendar we are all going to die will be facing some serious stuff by the end of 2012 – a fact which forced me to finally make my bucket list before it might be too late. Apart from buying a new bike, learning how to flip pancakes in the frying pan, and marrying the Swedish actor Alexander SkarsgÃ¥rd, I also came up with five great travel highlights, which will never happen again after 2012 (well, obviously…).

My goal is to visit at least one of them before the end. Which one would you pick? What’s on your bucket list? And are we really all going to die this year?!

5. The Titanic Centenary

Exactly 100 years after its sinking, the world’s largest Titanic exhibition will open in Belfast, Ireland, the birthplace of the famous luxury liner. A new building in the shape of a bow was built especially for this occasion. Due to this special event National Geographic appointed Belfast as one of the main tourist attractions in 2012, describing it as ‘a capital city of Titanic ambition that is redefining itself in the eyes of the world.’ In memory of the tragic anniversary the Titanic dockyard, Harland & Wolff, will also host a spectacular concert – the MTV Titanic Sound – on April 13.

4. The Solar Eclipse

Save the date: On November 14, a total solar eclipse can be spotted in Northern Queensland, Australia. There will be a lot of special events around this natural phenomenon and the best spot to watch it will be from one of the many cruiseships sailing the Coral Sea. If you are in to sports consider taking part in the Solar Eclipse Marathon in Port Douglas, a town in North Queensland, where artists and musicians from all over the world will perform.

3. The Olympics in London

I have to admit, I haven’t got a clue am not an expert when it comes to sports, but an interest in sports wouldn’t be my primary reason to go to London this summer for the Olympic Games. Rather, I would expect London to be bursting at the seams from July 27 to August 12 with a promising, magical summer like the one we Berliners celebrated in 2006 when the 18th FIFA World Cup was held in Germany.

2. The brightest Aurora in 50 years

According to my  confidential sources at NASA, 2012 will offer the brightest northern lights in more than 50 years. Since I always dreamed about seeing them, this year seems to be perfect for a visit to a northern destination like Norway or Canada.

1. The end of the world

And finally, let’s not forget the BIGGEST event in 2012: The end of the world as we know it. Over 50 million people are expected to head to Mexico on the December 21 – the fateful date when the Mundo Maya, the ancient Mayan Calendar, ends. Due to armageddon the Mexican Gouvernment started a “Mundo Maya 2012” tourism campaign to make a profit out of the apocalypse, though they probably won’t have enough time to spend the money. Anyway, I think it is agreed that Mexico is THE place to be this year! A new Mayan museum is set to open in Yucatan in June. In Tapachula a large digital clock has been installed to count down the days, while celebrations and ceremonies will be held throughout the year in the country. I am sure you will even be able to buy t-shirts saying, “I went to see the apocalypse and all I got was this lousy t-shirt!”

photo credits, James Jordan,, TSOphotography,