Dear Travelettes,

Ever so often I come across something on the internet that immediately sparks my desire to escape everyday life and travel far, far away. This morning, while I was having coffee and reading the online papers, the headline “Top 10 neighbourhood bars in Rio” caught my eye. I’ve never been to Brazil, and I was sure that the next time my travels lead me to Latin America, I’d be going to Argentina or Chile… but a little daydreaming never hurts, right?


photo by Lisa Limer

As I read through the article (which comes with an interactive map!) published in The Guardian, I suddenly felt the urge to jump on a plane and visit each and every one of the recommended bars. The guide features a variety of different establishments and gives an excellent overview of the specialties served. If you’re planning a trip to Brazil sometime soon, I suggest you give it a read as it could be an excellent starting point for your stay. Stop by Restaurante Cervantes for one of their to-die-for sandwhiches, enjoy the ocean view at Bar Urca or try Jobi, where they alledgedly serve the best draught beer (chopp) in town.

Next on my to-do list: finding a cheap flight to Rio de Janeiro…


Bar do Mineiro, Santa Teresa (photo by Bernardo Cople)