Fact: It’s hard to find the right travel pal. They might complain about mosquito bites, want to go left when you are already following that curly Italian dude to the right, are tired when you are all about karaoke and have a sunburn when you were supposed to win the coconut bikini duo contest. Most of the time, I was lucky enough, to find the perfect fit to hit the road with me in England or sip Piña Coladas on a beach in Spain. But since Ryan Gosling isn’t available anymore, I had to think of other companions to join me on my next trip (rather than organizing a “Nina’s Next Top Travel Mate” show). Here’s my top ten travel buddies from the movies in random order:

1. The Radio Rock Crew (Radio Rock Revolution)

Actually I could write a full post about “10 Radio Rock characters I want to go traveling with” because they are all great and lovable in their own way and you can learn a lot from them. So I’m just going to join the whole crew on their pirate ship in the North Sea to sing Elenore from the top of my lungs, eat cookies and play charade while looking like a unicorn in a negligee. The only difficulty is that girls aren’t allowed on the boat, unless you’ve subscribed to lesbianism (not me) or married one of the DJ’s (not likely). So the only thing I can do really is to sneak in as a stowaway. Or maybe they would hire me as a weather girl?

Key quote: I have somewhere to go, but it’s Peckham.

2. Penny Lane (Almost Famous)

Ladies and gentlemen, although I look like J-Lo in this picture, I’d rather be one of the band aids with Penny Lane, Lexie Aphrodisia and Australia Star than Jenny from the block. Actually, there are only two reasons why I want to travel around in a tourbus singing Tiny Dancer with a bunch of long haired egocentrics: 1. bearded men (!!), 2. I want a groupie – sorry, band aid – name. What do you think of Nina Niagara?

Key quote: You are home.

3. Indiana Jones’ Dad (Indiana Jones and the last Crusade)

You think Indiana Jones is the cool relic hunter? Watch out for his dad! He’s smart, he’s humorous, loves antiquity and is up for any adventure. (And Sean Connery made me choose Daddy over Indy anyway…) I can’t help but giggle every time he calls Indy “Junior”. Professor Henry Jones and your fear of rats and heights, I salute you!

Key quote: I suddenly remembered my Charlemagne. Let my armies be the rocks and the trees and the birds in the sky…

4. Troy Bolton (High School Musical)

Ok, Travelettes, now I’m making a big confession here. Every time when I’m in a bad mood, I watch this video from High School Musical 2 to cheer me up. There is a certain hilarity about Troy Bolton rocking the green while singing about his first ever midlife crisis. Have you seen how dramatically Troy watches himself mirroring in the lake, feeling the pain? Who wouldn’t want such a sensitive guy by their side? I don’t even want to know how many takes this scene needed because of Zac Efron screaming out in laughter. By now I already know all the moves by heart – at least in my head – and can’t wait to try them out with a handsome guy by my side on a random golf course in Oregon.

Key Quote: I love your shoes.

5. Dr. Emmett L. Brown (Back to the future)

I’m sorry ladies, I never was into Marty McFly. With all his whining and annoying mistakes he’s seriously just the Harry Potter of time travel. As I have a thing for crazy scientists, I chose Dr.Brown (who’s definitely more fun), to travel back to the 50ies, to the wild wild west and finally to the future! I’ve always wanted to try out a hover board!

Key quote: If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits eighty-eight miles per hour… you’re gonna see some serious shit.

6. Gil Pender (Midnight in Paris)

Speaking of time travel… I want to see Paris in the 20’s! Isn’t it just the most beautiful decade? The golden age! Gill, screw Inez! I’d walk through Paris with you. In the rain. In the 20’s. I’d be in love with a fantasy and I’d wear those earrings. And talk with Dalí about the rhenoceros.

Key quote: There is no city like this in the world. Never was.

7. Theo (The Dreamers)

Already in Paris, I’d definitely want to spend a day (or a night) with this hot french guy. In my imagination, he knows some pretty cool hidden places (the kind where people plan revolutions and drink red wine all night), all the cool kids in town and can talk all night about the underground cinema scene. I’d love to sit in a cafe with him, just to watch him smoke and listen to him say inspirational and insightful things about life with his adorable french accent. Not only does he look hot pretty much all the time(and especially in a bathtub), but his good looks also rub off on you. Forget about bad hair days and awful skin – next to this one you’ll always look gorgeous and enviable. So Theo, grab my hand and let’s run through the Louvre, I bet we can break the record!

Key quote: A revolution isn’t a gala dinner.

8. The Brothers Bloom

These two brothers are all about creating the perfect con. They travel around the world and create complex scenarios of fake and real to swindle millionaires for their dollars with the help of silent “Bang Bang” who has a thing for blowing things up. Who said this isn’t an adventure story? Well it is totally my thing. Dear Brothers Bloom, it’s Nina Hüpen-Bestendonk at your service. I have ridiculous hobbies like collecting elephants and I think a little danger might suit me (and red leather gloves, too). Who’s in?

Key quote: The perfect con is one where everyone involved gets just what they wanted.

9. Mary Poppins (Mary Poppins)

I want to fly with an umbrella. I want to dance with chimney sweepers on London’s rooftops. I want to drink 5 o’clock tea, laugh and hang in the air. I want to jump into a chalk painting and dance with penguins. I want to eat toffee apples and sing supercalifragilisticexpialidocious with a band dressed in in studded leather coats. And most of all I want to travel with someone, who has a bottomless bag that can carry even furniture without being heavy. Period.

Key quote: Never judge things by their appearance… even carpetbags.

10. The Garden Gnome (Amélie)

If this guy was a girl, he’d be the perfect Travelette. The dude gets around! He’s been to Moscow, New York, Cambodia, Athens, Istanbul… and the gnome’s travels inspire Amélie’s father to finally be courageous enough to accomplish his own dream of traveling. Here at Travelettes, our goal also is to inspire your travels so I think this little man is the perfect companion to trot the globe with. He’d always listen, be up for the same things as you are and doubles as an ideal conversation starter (“Ohhh, thats so cute, you are carrying a garden gnome with you!?”).

Key quote: (Unfortunately he doesn’t talk a lot.)

I hope one of them has a spare 2 weeks in the future. What would be your favourite movie character to travel with and why?


This post was written by Nina Hüpen-Bestendonk, who has a funny name even for Germans; she is a wicked go-getter and creative freelance designer, photographer and blogger.

She has an eye for beauty and even finds it in ugly apartment blogs. Her weekly photo chronicle “My week in pictures” has already become a classic among urban Berliners. Find out more at smaracuja.de.


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