There’s nothing I like to do more than to stalk a country that I’m heading to. I like to look them up, see what’s going on, have a gander at the buildings, search for any cool bars that I should head to, try smell the food through the screen, get a feel for the style of the city and generally have a good ole nosey at the destination.

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And of course, there’s no better way to stalk than through Instagram. My path to discovering some fantastic city-focused accounts began when I did a quick few days on the Travelettes Instagram where I took our followers through my home city of Bristol. I was astounded by how many of you love the city as much as I do, but I also happened to stumble upon the hashtag #LiveBristol. I was soon scrolling through the gorgeous images of LiveBristol; I was simply inspired!

I then began to collate some of the top Instagrams that focus on a specific area or city; places that I’ve been to and love to scroll obsessively through to pretend I’m still there, or places that I’ve added to my bucket list and am just waiting till the day I can make the trip a reality. Take a look through my top 10 and see which account will get you stalking.

1. London

It’s not a particularly fancy or unique name for this account, but who really gives a damn when the photos are this great? Its hard to encapsulate all the great shots of the Big Smoke, but if you tag your London shots with #ThisIsLondon, then you could get the glory by being regrammed by founder, Dave Burt: “I love London as there is no city in the world like it that manages to so perfectly balance rich heritage with cutting edge innovation. It celebrates many cultures, not just our own Britishness, and that’s why it is the most loved and most visited city in the world!”

From low Autumn sun shining through semi-bare trees to a fog-wrapped Big Ben, and from regal swans to the odd shot of the actual Queen herself; it’s a grand tour of the city. You’ll be booking a ticket after looking through these shots if you’ve never been before! I would highly recommend checking out @MissUnderground as well, for another view of London… beneath the pavements.

2. Nicanor Garcia

Barcelona-based architecture fanatic photographer, Nicanor Garcia, wanders his city revelling in Guadi’s work! From the tree-lined walkways to the spectacularly designed buildings, he guides you through Barcelona, with the odd exotic jaunt to a new country. If you haven’t yet made it to Barcelona or if you’re on the look out for top things to see, have a scroll and get excited about what the city has in store for you.

3. Paris Je Taime

This tourism board account blew me away when I first discovered it. The incredible Parisian architecture and the delicate pastries make Paris look positively swoon-worthy. They add in little snippets of information for any tourists (or locals!) to take advantage of, such as letting their followers know that they can climb to the top of the Arc de Triomphe between 10am – 10:30pm to snag the perfect Parisian sunset over the Champs Elysees avenue. Arty shots that show a full moon peeping over the Eiffel Tower or locals chilling by the River Seine really showcase the city in a fantastic way, so hats off to you Paris Tourism Board, you’ve captured your city beautifully!


4. Berlinstagram

Caro had previously picked out @WhileInBetween as one of her top Instagrammers for October and little did I know that the photographer also ran the brilliant Berlinstagram. Michael Schulz is a powerful wielder of cameras/smart phones as his shots of Berlin are atmospheric and calming. The dappled light of the German Autumn sun highlight the old buildings and leafy parks, and most of his shots have minimal people. It makes Berlin seem slightly apocalyptic and empty, but also very serene. However, if buildings are your thing, then definitely check out @konaction for some Berlin architectural delights!

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5. Live Bristol

This lovely account captures my home city, Bristol, in the perfect way. They collate the best shots through #LiveBristol and bring it together in a feed that makes me proud to be from this little corner of the southwest of England. Whilst Bristol isn’t the most exotic place, nor is it usually top of the list of people’s travels in the UK, it’s a spot that shouldn’t be missed! It’s small and compact, busy and happening, and not forgetting, pretty picturesque!

Emma from @LiveBristol felt inspired to capture the city as it’s the perfect hub of creativity, opportunity and quirkiness; “The city is full of so many independent shops, colourful houses and that one special bridge it’s only right to celebrate the city and all the talented Instagrammers in it. We love supporting local businesses and promoting the hidden treasures of Bristol!” See the Clifton Suspension Bridge, the street art and the immense surrounding countryside through LiveBristol, and come say hi if you ever visit!

A photo posted by Live Bristol (@livebristol) on

A photo posted by Live Bristol (@livebristol) on


6. Broadsheet_Melb

If you ever want to know what’s happening in Melbourne or the latest/coolest/yummiest places to eat, then look no further than Broadsheet_Melb. When I lived in Melbourne it was the go-to website for when I needed to find a great place for dinner or a rooftop bar that would blow my mind with insanely good cocktails (there is also a Broadsheet Sydney too). They capture every event that is worth attending and Aussie designers who are making waves in Melbourne. With my trip to Australia fast approaching in 2016, I’ll be sitting down and having a scroll, whilst taking copious notes… 


7. Everyday Mumbai

India has always been on my bucket list, but I know little to nothing abut Mumbai. Photographer Chirag Wakaskar captures the humans of Mumbai going about their ordinary lives, and he also shares images from others who capture beautiful shots with #EverydayMumbai. Colourful saris, workmen taking a break in concrete pipes, streetside barbers and giggling ladies fill this colourful feed, painting a wonderful and curious insight into Indian life in Mumbai.


8. Bush Birdie

Have you been to Amsterdam? If not, then you better get booking that flight as soon as you can! This beautiful city is full of calm canals, cruising bikes, great vintage stores and absolutely delicious bakeries! And how could I mention Amsterdam without tipping my hat at ex-travelette Frankie Thompson? She captures her home city daily, filling her feed with the idyllic narrow houses and her obsession with the doors of ‘dam. Follow #damgooddoors to see her full collection, and Frankie, we miss you doll.


9. Humans Of NY

How could any list of top Instagrammers of beautiful cities be without HumansOfNY? If you haven’t seen this account before, then you’re in for a touching treat. This account documents the diverse and ‘ordinary’ people of New York who walk the streets, and each one shares a little something about themselves. It really opens your eyes on humanity and how much more there is to the strangers that pass you on the street, especially in the crazy bustle of NYC. All I can say is settle down with a cuppa, have a read through the account and appreciate all who walk past his lens. Alternatively, check out @jssilberman for a look around the city and all it’s beauty.


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10. Tasmania

Ok, Ok, so I know Tasmania isn’t a city-focused Instagram account but as Tasmania holds a special place in my heart I simply couldn’t pass up sharing this. For any who love to get lost in the wild and shy away from the anonymous cities, then Tasmania should be on your bucket list. Discover Tasmania covers every aspect of the small Australian island; from the rugged coast line to the clear as hell stars, from the lavender fields to the strange creatures that inhabit the land. If you’re thinking about heading down under, make sure you have a browse of #DiscoverTasmania to get you inpired about your trip!


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Following these accounts will give you severe wanderlust, but will definitely give you some guidence on your trip. I feel I’ve barely scratched the surface of top city instagram accounts, but sometimes it’s darn hard to find them without recommendations… so I’d love to know, which accounts do you follow?



Sophie Saint was one of the original travelettes, from 2009 – 2017. After fleeing the UK with ink barely dry on her graduation certificate, she traversed the world with a backpack and spent a few years living in Melbourne – one of her favourite cities in the world.

She finally returned to the UK after a few years where she now whiles time away zipping off for European escapes, crocheting and daydreaming of owning her own hostel somewhere hot to live out eternal summers. See what she’s up to over on her blog and instagram: @saintsonaplane