Each month, we are introducing you to our ten favourite new or newly discovered Instagrammers. Who managed to inspire us, make us laugh, think, cry? Or all of the above?

Thank God it’s autumn. Like many of you I’m sure, I’ve secretly been waiting for rainy days and dark afternoons – or just for an excuse to cuddle up on the swing in my living room (Yes! Screw sofas!) with ginger and honey tea, some of my favourite indie magazines and some quiet tunes. Here are some of the talented guys that made navigating through a somewhat grey Berlin that bit more exciting.

1. Christoffer Collin

Chris is a photographer from Sweden and his photos will confirm just about every cliché you ever heard about Sweden: fog, lonely cabins, incredible colours – and a lot of lakes. Take me there now and follow Chris at @wisslaren.


Up. A dream come true to witness aspen trees in their full autumn glory. . #BettyVenture

A photo posted by Christoffer Collin (@wisslaren) on

2. Jannik Obenhoff 

Jannik is a bit of a phenomenon. I’ve been following his work for a while now but just recently found out that he is only 15 years old! Wait, what? At 15, I was busy crying over boys or skipping class. Jannik on the other hand captures the world around him in a way that restores your faith in humanity. Catch him at @jannikobenhoff.


The Zugspitze in all its glory #roamalps

A photo posted by Jannik Obenhoff @germanroamers (@jannikobenhoff) on

3. Ariana Babcock

Ariana pretty much leads the exact life that I want. She regularly sleeps under the stars, cuddles with her fluffy dog and goes on a lot of road trips. And I mean a lot. Happy dreaming, this is Ariana’s feed.

Driving those backroads and getting the shot with @moment_lens #makemoments #momenttele

A photo posted by Ariana Babcock (@ariana_babcock) on

4. Adam Partridge

Holla Adam! Adam is based in Poole, England and does a fantastic job at making the colour blue stand out. We’re talking ocean waves, Santorini, train tracks or those grey England skies.


more of my favourite colours. #santorini

A photo posted by adam (@adampartridge) on

5. Burn Diary

Burn Diary is one of my favourite magazines. On Instagram, they give one photographer a time the chance to capture the world as they see, admire, and sometimes hate it. The result is a beautifully diverse feed, sometimes serious, sometimes dark and sometimes as vibrant and hopeful as it gets.

Ben McGee (@mcgeesees) posting from São Paulo.

A photo posted by Burn Diary (@burndiary) on

6. Aurelien Buttin 

Hey Aurelien, can we please go traveling together? Her photos involve extremely distinctive and eye-catching colours, as well as beautifully natural people who are making the most of the world around them. Check out the lady’s feed here.

#girl #women #model #europe #spain #mountain #canyon #river #landscape #nature #canon @hquinn13 @claudia_fumero

A photo posted by Aurelien Buttin (@aurelienbuttin) on

#suisse #switzerland #nature #landscape #lifestyle #mountain #canon #travel #holidays #roadtrip #women #girls @suzylovalova

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7. Sad Topographies

“Somewhere to go when you’re feeling low.” The guys at Sad Topographies made me smile on numerous occasions this month despite their somewhat sad Google Maps pictures. Hey baby, let’s run away to Lonely Island!

Disappointment Cove, New Zealand #disappointment

A photo posted by @sadtopographies on

Lonely Island, Nipissing, Canada #lonely

A photo posted by @sadtopographies on

8. Urban Tenting

Urban Tenting is a project by two Berlin-based photographers that I’ll introduce to you in more depth soon. Marlen and Thomas have a thing for exploring urban and not-so-urban spaces. They also like having breakfast in the woods. I’m hooked. Here’s their diary.


9. Jessica Lee

Jessica Lee is an incredible girl. She currently spends a year swimming in a different Berlin lake each day despite the somewhat chilly temperatures. She also used to regularly swim in the ponds of Hampstead Heath, one of my personal happy places. Go Jess!

Legs. #morningdip #Canada #wildswimming #vscocam

A photo posted by J E S S I C A J L E E (@jessicajlee) on

Last #ladiespond swim for a while. #hampsteadheath #London #vsco #vscocam

A photo posted by J E S S I C A J L E E (@jessicajlee) on

10. #whileinbetween

While in between is a project by the always-awesome Michael Schulz aka @berlinstagram. It features some of the most beautiful moments in life: the waiting, the dreaming and leaning-against-the-train-windows. Give them some love here.

A #whileinbetween moment captured by @alicia_carvalh0.

A photo posted by #whileinbetween (@whileinbetween) on

A #whileinbetween moment captured by @randomtearoom.

A photo posted by #whileinbetween (@whileinbetween) on

What were some of your faves this month? And who would you like to see on this list in November? Make sure to follow us over at @travelettes.